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Year of the Dog

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30 Dec 2018 35 33 481
Soundtrack by Melorman: soundcloud.com/melorman/closer

Tower hotel 47/50: Fog

Tower hotel 48/50: Wall

Tower hotel 49/50: Holidays


15 Dec 2018 46 45 436
Camera details Camera: Sony Xperia Z1 Compact mobile phone F5321 Exposure: 1/32 sec. Aperture: f/2.0 ISO: 50 Focal Length: 4.2 mm (24 mm equivalent) Lens: Clip-on macro lens (magnifying glass). Editing: Snapseed

Tower hotel 50/50: Lights

44876 mirror2

Tower hotel 45/50: Window

12 Dec 2018 20 9 363
I was playing with 'Mirror Lab' Android application, and got some interesting results. On the main shot the trick is very simple and easy to do also with many other editors. Just exaggerate the perspective with perspective tool, and then add so called tilt and shift effect (blurred towards the edges). Other creations made with Mirror Lab:

A meme ...

09 Dec 2018 51 51 521
... is an idea, behavior, or style that spreads from person to person within a culture - often with the aim of conveying a particular phenomenon, theme, or meaning represented by the meme. ~ Merriam-Webster Dictionary Advent Wreath is just a pious custom practiced at home, and not a formal liturgical tradition. ~ Tradition In Action

Man who took a selfie

08 Dec 2018 43 45 411
I had to get along with very poor quality 5MP selfie camera, under quite poor light conditions. But I thought the output looks wonderfully Dada because of all the flaws. Inspired by Finnish photographer Magnus Scharmanoff: www.scharmanoff.com/hero01.html

The Grand Opening of the Christmas Season

02 Dec 2018 21 20 340
Contribution for The Sunday Challenge "various Winter Celebrations, Customs & Festivals held this time of the year." The Grand Christmas tree Each year City of Tampere erects a tall Christmas tree next to main market square. Here's an old photograph from 2013. Christmas parade Part of the Christmas season opening customs is the Christmas parade. The Tampere Christmas Market Since 2008 the main market square became the place for so called Christmas markets held during December. However, there are three market places around the city, and two of them are lively market places every Saturdays throughout the year. This photograph I took in 2012 when somewhat the whole December was very rainy. Tampere Festival of Lights From the end of October until the beginning of March, the streets of the Tampere city centre are illuminated with hundreds of light fixtures from traditional light figuress to urban art projected onto empty walls. This photograph is from Tammela market square in 2012.

Christmas parade


26 Nov 2018 35 22 500
Camera details Camera: Canon G5 X Exposure: 1/50 sec. Aperture: f/11.0 ISO: 10000 Focal Length: 14.2 mm (35 mm equivalent: 39.0 mm) Editing: Gimp and Nik Collection


25 Nov 2018 27 26 485
For The Sunday Challenge : " anything to do with shopping or shops Show us what you've bought ..."

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