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  • Godzilla angle view

    Contribution for The Sunday Challenge: Look down, the world at your feet Taken with on camera panorama stitch, and turned "upside down" in purpose.

  • #02 Dramatic weather

  • My home district

    ♫ Imbalance by Data Rebel, available at SoundCloud

  • Power plant ...

    ... in colors. As you may have noticed, I am playing with PicMonkey. What makes it so great is the possibility to save edits as copies. Nothing new there compared to client side software. But having that same possibility here on ipernity online makes it…

  • Power plant

  • The Shining

  • Dome

    ♫ Formant by Data Rebel, available at SoundCloud

  • Coltsfoot

  • Power plant

  • Testing Picasa 3 ...

    ... to add geolocation and make copies of images for web. See my blog article for short introduction.

  • City lights

  • Being a tourist ...

    ... at Suomelinna, Helsinki. Found from the vaults, taken in 2012.

  • A paper dog/frog ...

    ... seen on the street "Revolutionary" discovery made thanks to Guido Werner! All metadata on this image has been added before upload on GIMP 2.10. That includes: - Title - Caption (phrase "... seen on the street") - Exif - Geolocation - Keywords (Altho…

  • "Cherry picker(s)"

    From the vaults. Picture taken in 2010.

  • "May the road rise up to meet you"

    Contribution for The Sunday Challenge: Paths/Walkways ♫ Gegenschein by Data Rebel, available at SoundCloud

  • Two veterans

    Contribution for The 50 Images-Project: Still Life 20/50 ♫ Deep Sea Highway by Melorman available at SoundCloud

  • #36 A colourful building

    Soon after the Scavenger Hunt challenge became announced at The Sunday Challenge group, I searched for colorful buildings around Tampere region. On one YLE News article I then spotted the ideal target. After several weeks I finally got time to visit the…

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