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  • Tower hotel 45/50: Window

    I was playing with 'Mirror Lab' Android application, and got some interesting results. On the main shot the trick is very simple and easy to do also with many other editors. Just exaggerate the perspective with perspective tool, and then add so called til…

  • 44876 mirror

  • 44876 mirror2

  • A meme ...

    ... is an idea, behavior, or style that spreads from person to person within a culture - often with the aim of conveying a particular phenomenon, theme, or meaning represented by the meme. ~Merriam-Webster Dictionary "Advent Wreath is just a pious custo…

  • Man who took a selfie

    I had to get along with very poor quality 5MP selfie camera, under quite poor light conditions. But I thought the output looks wonderfully Dada because of all the flaws. Inspired by Finnish photographer Magnus Scharmanoff:

  • Horses from Essen

    Archive picture taken in 2011. These old horse shaped festival lights are originally bought from Essen in 1967. Essen is well known from its annual light festivals arranged since 1950. Tampere copied the idea from its sister city Essen in 1960s, and here…

  • Light bulbs

    Incandescent light bulbs with wire filaments are soon history, and therefore I share some archive shots.

  • Broken oven light bulb

  • Electric candles

  • The Grand Opening of the Christmas Season

    Contribution for The Sunday Challenge "various Winter Celebrations, Customs & Festivals held this time of the year." The Grand Christmas tree Each year City of Tampere erects a tall Christmas tree next to main market square. Here's an old photograph from…

  • Christmas parade

  • Christmas tree

  • Christmas lights


    Copying the great idea from Frank J Casella, I do the same, and use an image to "advertise" my blog article. If you have troubles to understand the copyright, see if my blog article Copyright is tough, but it tries to be fair... would help. There are of…

  • Sole

    Camera details Camera: Canon G5 X Exposure: 1/50 sec. Aperture: f/11.0 ISO: 10000 Focal Length: 14.2 mm (35 mm equivalent: 39.0 mm) Editing: Gimp and Nik Collection

  • Poo

    For The Sunday Challenge : "anything to do with shopping or shops Show us what you've bought ..."

  • Yliopistonkatu, Tampere, Finland

    Found from the archives. Picture taken in 2011.

  • Big nose

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