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Updated on: April  8, 2018.

2018, album created on January 10, 2018

A simple place to see what the current state of the nation is....analogue or some rare digital....

LindaMay, album created on May 23, 2017

In 2016 I bought a large studio camera for $600 dollars. It was a steal for me as I had always wanted a huge camera with cranks and winders. It was an 8 x 10, made in walnut and most likely made in France and came to me via Melbourne Australia, New Zealand then to me. I wish I know more. It will be perhaps 118 ish years old. I have named it Linda May after my wonderful mum. She was living when I took possession of the camera and has since died.(April 2017) She would have loved the thought of a…

2017, album created on March 20, 2017

These images represent things that I am doing this year in photography. Some of the images may have been taken several years ago but have finally been processed or reprocessed with my new V800 scanner. Most if not all of these images will be analogue by birth, some will be blends.... as in today's world any publishing on the web will have a digital kiss. And some blended not just in the publishing but the processing. Ultimately I am on a journey towards analogue printing.....born in a wrong…

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Gallery259 Analogue Resistance - 2 years ago

I have begun an adventure in publishing some of the images I have collected and amassed over the last few years of this analogue ride. I was looking at some images tonight and remember that first thrill of developing paper negatives and film. The business of life and left field balls have jaded that somewhat....though I am still reasonably prolific and passionate. It will be nice to clear the decks somehow........to get that fresh feeling back.

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Sami Serola
Sami Serola
I sent a private ipernity mail.
6 weeks ago.
Graham Hughes
Graham Hughes
Thanks John
15 months ago.
John Sheldon (on sabbatical)
John Sheldon (on sab…
Enjoying your picture collection, especially what you have been doing in analogue.
15 months ago.
Thank you very much for adding me to your contacts.
Just having a look to your stunning gallery -
it is an enjoyment ... a lot of little diamonds in b/w and sepia ...
Best regards from Berlin/Germany
2 years ago.
Thank you very much for visiting my articles and commenting!
2 years ago.

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