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Updated on: June  1, 2020.

Lumix GH4, album created on July 25, 2019

While most of my life is an analogue adventure, in buying this old GH4 I have killed 2 birds with one stone. (Sorry birds, I really wouldn't do that) My old Canon 30 D is a bit tired now, shutter misfiring etc......and maybe I am just tired of it...since I use it so little...but I acknowledge my need for a half way decent digicam that isnt my phone as well.....(it's my oppositional defiance disorder LOL ) PLUS...I am wanting to do some videos for my soundscapes I am writing with Kontact....the G…

X-Ray Film, album created on April  6, 2019

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120 film (Medium Format), album created on March 10, 2019

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Gallery259 Analogue Resistance Mag. - 16 months ago

I have begun an adventure in publishing some of the images I have collected and amassed over the last few years of this analogue ride. I was looking at some images tonight and remember that first thrill of developing paper negatives and film. The business of life and left field balls have jaded that somewhat....though I am still reasonably prolific and passionate. It will be nice to clear the decks get that fresh feeling back.

  • Winterish Thoughts begun in 2016 (finished in 2019)

    - March 12, 2019
    Rodin Remembered
    I have long held to the belief that there are seasons to my inner life just as there is a force that changes the physical seasons of my outer life that are way outside of my ability to control. Winter 2016 has been quite analogue. (the 2019 update is below :-) I have not sat long hours at the computer but more stood in my darkroom and played, cutting paper and working out how to use a new Goosen light meter. I would like to share some of this winters playing here as the world wakes for spring.

  • Paper Negative Teaser

    - October 28, 2015
    In Picasso's Garden
    There are times in the ether of cyberspace I have posted images and comments on those postings told me people had not really seen or understood what the image was, how it was made, and what it was made with. The digital life pervades earth to the extent that people believe a myth thinking you can't get film anymore. I don't mind this myth as people beqeath me their beautiful old SLR's. I go and shoot paper in them or film.

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 Graham Hughes
Graham Hughes club
I know people may never go there but I recently finished an article I started in the Winter of 2016. I love that Ipernity has articles for those who love to write.
16 months ago.
 Graham Hughes
Graham Hughes club
Thank you Anna.....nice having you swing by. Hope to publish gets in the way.
22 months ago.
 aNNa schramm
aNNa schramm club
You have a very nice and interesting galery ... I'm glad I found her.
22 months ago.
 Sami Serola
Sami Serola club
I sent a private ipernity mail.
2 years ago.
 Graham Hughes
Graham Hughes club
Thanks John
3 years ago.

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