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Updated on: June 14, 2019.

X-Ray Film, album created on April  6, 2019

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120 film (Medium Format), album created on March 10, 2019

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Pentax 645n, album created on March  9, 2019

A dear friend literally gave me her beautiful Pentax 645 n. And some gorgeous lenses. I am a bit disgusted with myself about how nice it feels not to have to meter outside the cam. Exciting journey beginning as I get to know this camera.

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Gallery259 Analogue Resistance Mag. - 2 months ago

I have begun an adventure in publishing some of the images I have collected and amassed over the last few years of this analogue ride. I was looking at some images tonight and remember that first thrill of developing paper negatives and film. The business of life and left field balls have jaded that somewhat....though I am still reasonably prolific and passionate. It will be nice to clear the decks get that fresh feeling back.

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Graham Hughes
Graham Hughes
I know people may never go there but I recently finished an article I started in the Winter of 2016. I love that Ipernity has articles for those who love to write.
3 months ago.
Graham Hughes
Graham Hughes
Thank you Anna.....nice having you swing by. Hope to publish gets in the way.
8 months ago.
aNNa schramm
aNNa schramm
You have a very nice and interesting galery ... I'm glad I found her.
8 months ago.
Sami Serola
Sami Serola
I sent a private ipernity mail.
14 months ago.
Graham Hughes
Graham Hughes
Thanks John
2 years ago.

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