This is where I will post links to Gallery259 Analogue Resistance . It is an online mag made with JooMag publishing software. I hope to produce several per month in 2015 from backlogs and from present work. I dont want it to be word heavy....and for myself, while I enjoy my work on walls ....especially real walls @ Gallery259, I enjoy publishing them in this way. Digital wizardry works beautifully with analogue.

I will post each volume as a link for you to do as you please.
I would love to have other peoples images in the mag..........make contact. Fire the resistance.

Unfortunately in an effort to save money, I have had to go to the free account. I apologise for the adds.
Gallery259 Anologue Resistance Vol 1. Jan 2015

Gallery259 Anologue Resistance Vol 2. Feb 2015

Gallery259 Analogue Resistance Vol 3. April 2015

It took a year but Vol 4 is here.

Gallery259 Analogue Resistance Vol. 4 March 2016

Gallery259 Analogue Resistance Mag Vol. 5 Nov 2018

Gallery259 Analogue Resistance Mag Vol. 6 March 2019