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Updated on: December  8, 2018.

sophie, album created on July 26, 2018

86 items in total.

random objects, album created on April 13, 2014

48 items in total.

100: B&W, album created on May  9, 2014

For the 100x2014 group. I used to do a lot of B&W back in the Days of Film, didn't realize how much I missed it until it came up as a TSC theme...

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aNNa schramm
aNNa schramm
Your galery is wonderful, I'll come back :-))
greetings aNNa*
9 months ago.
Nacer H
Nacer H
Merci pour la visite et les étoiles, salutations d'Algerie !!
14 months ago.
Dominique-Lucy Renson
Dominique-Lucy Renso…
so much beauty here ... i'll be back soon
3 years ago.
Janano -
Janano -
Wonderful albums and photography. See you later in group.
3 years ago.
Alina Orlicka
Alina Orlicka
Yours photos are beautiful! I invite you to visit my pages and to my group! Have a good day!
3 years ago.

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