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Updated on: April 26, 2021.

Impressions of Nature [BW], album created on May  5, 2021

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Impressions of Nature [color], album created on May  5, 2021

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Nepal नेपाल, album created on April 18, 2021

Velvet the Himalayan poinsettia in bloom, silver the scabbard of thrusting power, the mind is a clear scent, the pen is a new ridge of hills. I am a tree with countless boughs, a flower which hides a thousand petals, a juniper, a pointed branch of the scented fig, its rough, misshapen fruit. In my belief I am Nepali, my faith the highest Himalaya, my favourite season is the one when leather jackets are donned, my clothes are only freedom. The Himalayan lights my touching place, equality sprea…

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dolores666 club
Thanks for the visit and the invites, lu! :-)
7 days ago.
 Diana Australis
Diana Australis club
Nice to catch up with you again. Have you been off travelling? Until recently, I mean.Thanks for the timely comments on my pics.. Always a true pleasure to catch up with a genuine and committed traveller! Keep wishes..Diana
2 weeks ago.
 ɱ ƕ
ɱ ƕ club
Welcome back, and many thanks! Yes, the Bhutan is among the most remarkable places. I took quite a few photos in its mountains, and thanks for reminder to put some more info. Plz, feel free to add comments and questions under the photographs that raise your interest the most. Best regards from Delhi
3 years ago.
Wolfgang club
I discover your pictures from Bhutan and I cannot stop. Amazing photos! And it awaykes my memories from my tours through Bhutan long time ago. I just miss more discription to the photos you've captures. Warm regards and my best wishes for the New Year, Wolfgang from Bangkok
3 years ago.
Thanks a lot for your visit!
3 years ago.

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