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  • Energy companies versus our common bond of life and planet - Peoples Tribune 2018.1

  • Souvenir d'enfance.

    Et oui j'ai bien changée... Une photo de mon enfance, elle est un peu abîmée mais je l'aime bien car elle me rappelle des bons souvenirs.

  • Souvenir.

    Nos 20 ans au Togo.

  • IMG 1055

  • Ahore

  • High Tatras in clouds

  • Solitaire


  • A Misty December Morning (180°)

    Best on black and fullscreen
    By LutzP

  • la féline...

    pour Léopold...

  • Beauty of blue

    Esfahan. Iran

  • March of guards at Tiananmen Square

    Every moment, a group marching neatly dressed in uniformed gardiers, who are sent to their respective watch-posts at important stalls, as here at the entrance of the Chinese National Museum.

  • The park in the zoo of Beijing

    Beijing has over 300 parks to discover. One of them certainly is the public Beijing zoo where we spent the whole afternoon.

  • Animals

    If you didn't care what happened to me, And I didn't care for you, We would zig zag our way through the boredom and pain Occasionally glancing up through the rain. Wondering which of the buggars to blame And watching for pigs on the wing. www.youtube.com…

  • A Milky November Sun

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    By LutzP

  • ... a rose for 2018

  • Storm coming

    Just trying right now to breathe.. and put one foot in front of the other... we have to get through this nightmare of a result. Just want to say too.. we have a very good support system here in our friendships.... that is going to save us... and feed us…
    By Pam J

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