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Last November

Der November des letzten Jahres von einer seiner schönsten Seiten.

Moineau Givré

Première photo de 2015


A Antibes

Blue Iland

Frozen in Time

One from the archives as recent weather does not favour the photographer! The Ardgowan Estate in Inverkip a few years ago during the bad "ice and snow" we had which lasted for at least a week! Probably one of my all time favourite images.

Willkommen! ;-)

only on black


Pehuén solitario. Patagonia Argentina

Al fondo se observa el Lago Caviahue, en la provincia del Neuquén. Argentina El árbol es una conífera conocida acá como Pehuén o Piñonero (por su frutos) en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Araucaria_araucana
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