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Leh, Ladakh 1982

Camera: Rollei 35S Film: Kodachrome 64. A few of the locals.


# 15 Street Art Vardø; Pøbel

3 place (2016/06) group Contest Without Prize 'Street Art, Graffiti and Murals'. This is not the first place that comes to mind when thinking about street art. But in july 2012, Vardø hosted the world's northern most street art festival, curated by the artist Pøbel - KOMAFEST -. The purpose was to conceptualize the depopuation of northern Norway. Now three years later I tried to capture this art. At least most of the work. Some were already painted over and others I just did not find. Street Art Vardø; ar…

Großer Ahornboden (b/w-conversion) - 3

Großer Ahornboden, Hinterriss-Eng - Tyrol / Austria _____ FUJI GA645Wi - FUJINON 45mm f/4 - Kodak Portra 160 (b/w-converted)


wild land

Andøya NW-coast, seen from Andenes, 23:00

boat shed at Walchensee

Walchensee, Bavaria / GER --- FUJI GA645Wi - FUJINON 45mm f/4 - Kodak Portra 160


foggy morning

----- Olympus XA + XP2



----- WZFO Start Euktar lens (triplet anastigmat) photo taken some time in 1968

The Troll Rocks

The Troll Rocks at Reynishverfi Beach (Reynishverfi, Iceland)—July 27, 2016

Man on the clouds

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