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Friends Of Pam - 2 years ago

<b>For the latest from Pam see:<b> Jan 2019 -- Pam's Checkup (heard from Pam past last night and the journey to recovery is going to be a bit longer, keep her in your thoughts/prayers and of course any energies you send her way will be benefical) :) Chris Today was the second follow up appointment with Dr. Cheema, my brain surgeon. It did not go as I expected. After the first appointment I expected us to continue the discussion of targeted radi…

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 Gabi Lombardo
Gabi Lombardo club
thanks a lot for your kind commentary on my guest book! I will too come back to your gallery soon!
warm regards
14 months ago.
 Clickity Click
Clickity Click club
Thanks to all who have and continue to keep Pam in their thoughts. Pam has some testing to be done later in the year to help decide the course of action. As always we wish her well. :)
2 years ago.
 Clickity Click
Clickity Click club
Spoke with Pam and she is scheduled for some test coming up. The results will help Pam and her doctors decide on the best course of action as she moves forward. :)
2 years ago.
 Clickity Click
Clickity Click club
December 3, 2018 Spoke with Pam and she sounds in good spirits. She is setting little goals for herself as she follows her rehabilitation journey. She's quite a lady! You Go Pam!
2 years ago.
 Clickity Click
Clickity Click club
Friends Of Pam
By Clickity Click
November 9, 2018

Such Good News From Pam!

THankyou all. returning from a stroke
By Pam J
November 9, 2018

This thank you has been a long time coming, but it comes straight from my heart.

As most of you know I had a huge Brain Bleed/Stroke on Friday the 7th of September this year.

On that evening my world changed beyond description. I was one of the lucky ones as Jay, my husband, came into my work room and knew the signs of a stroke. (I will come back to this later.) He called 911 and an ambulance came fast. It's a ride I do not remember! But it would be another 5 weeks before I came home again.

It took me to our regional hospital who ran a fast CAT scan and said that I had a huge brain bleed, but they could not properly help me and I needed to be taken to the OU (Oklahoma University) Medical Centre in OKC as they had STROKE specialty help. More sirens and lights ride and the Centre started work on me fast. CAT scan and up to the operating rooms. This meant scalp incisions (lost all my long red hair! IT Ws SHAVED OFF) that beat any Halloween make-up! I also had a hole drilled in my skull to release the pressure of the bleeding caused be an AVM. Jay was with me all he could be. I was unconscious and very unresponsive. He had to witness me put on a ventilator and given transfusions and being cut up.

I was taken to ICU and was there two weeks. I finally regained consciousness. The Brain Surgeon was confident that I would make a full recovery after many tests because of Jay's rapid action.

I was finally taken off the ventilator and the other tubes were removed in the following days, including a feeding tube and I was transferred to a "step down" room for the next week.

It was decided I was to be then transferred to a Rehab facility. I was there for two weeks and was given intensive PT and weened off puréed food and thickened liquids after being given many swallow tests.

I was finally allowed to come home on the 11th of October.

All this time Jay was not only driving to OKC daily but coping with our three dogs and many cats and the intense stress of the situation that was unfolding daily.

I have a box full of cards here and am humbled beyond words. I never realised just how many lives I had touched over the years.

Thank you ALL! A special thanks to Peggy C. and my close pals Marty and Chris - they acted as relays for information and helped Jay so very much.

My Dogs and Cats are my medicine now.

However, the Brain Surgeon has a treatment plan for me. It is going to be targeted radiation to slowly destroy the AVM. This treatment will start early next year. It should mean that the stroke will not happen again. This has been a life changing happening for me and Jay.
Time is needed to heal.

I now need to THANK ALL who sent cards and prayers and love and care. You ALL lifted me up and were a huge part of a support system. Those who spoke to me over the phone in my room know exactly how fightened and scared I was. Thank you ALL

for holding me in your hearts.

I was so very lucky and I still have some healing to do. I have some sight and focus problems (not good for a photographer

but I will, given time and patience, HEAL and RECOVER. I know you will all understand that as much as I want to come back, I just cannot do it instantly. I use a walker frame for now to steady me as well.

PLEASE PASS THIS ON TO AT LEAST ONE PERSON A WEEK. YOU CAN SAVE LIVES AND DAMAGED QUALITY OF LIFE WITH THIS. Use FAST to remember the warning signs of a stroke. The letter F stands for face FACE: Ask the person to smile. Does one side of the face droop?
A stands for arms ARMS: Ask the person to raise both arms. Does one arm drift downward?
S stands for speech SPEECH: Ask the person to repeat a simple phrase. Is their speech slurred or strange?
T stands for time TIME: If you observe any of these signs, call 9-1-1 immediately. Call 9-1-1 immediately if you observe any of these symptoms. Note the time of the first symptom. This information is important and can affect treatment decisions. Recognizing Stroke Act FAST

October 25, 2018

Just back - 25 October 2018

Treatment Options:

No Treatment -surgery Not an Option

1) Surgery- Remove the AVM. (the bunch of blood vessels)

Not Recommended because adjacent brain tissue may be damaged.
Also, the nature of the AVM is not a good candidate for surgery, because the arteries are connected to working parts of the brain.

-which he saw this at the time . when he operated to relieve the pressure on my brain at the time of the bleed

2) Blocking the AVM- Fill the AVM with "glue"..

Not recommended because the arteries are connected to working parts of the brain.

3) Radiation- Target the AVM with radiation

Recommended- Requires an MRI in January and treatment in late February.
This is an Outpatient procedure.
May cause swelling, which will require other treatment at the time and would be done on site at OU Medical centre

So now we wait. I like the man and trust him totally.

I now have to work on my left side "cut off sight; and small , moving objects and focus"

This changed my life and I am still in shock and need this time to heal and recover. Small things send me off track right now as you will understand, I am sure.

2 years ago. Edited 2 years ago.

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