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Wonderful news, PAM IS HOME!! She is facing rehabilitation with determination.

This information is also in my article of Friends of Pam.
9 days ago. Edited 9 days ago.
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Hi! Just got this from Jay:

Pam is in the rehab facility, aka skilled nursing facility.

She will most likely be there for the next two weeks. Depending on her progress and what the insurance is willing to do, she may have another stay at an advanced rehab, aka inpatient rehab facility. Skilled nursing is low intensity 2 hours or so of PT per day. Inpatient is more intense with 4 or more hours of PT per day.

The facility is clean and bright with windows that look out on the front lawn. Everyone I met on the staff was friendly and supportive.

The address is:
Pam Johnson
Medical Park West, Room 605
3110 Healthplex Parkway
Norman, OK 73072

Pam is enthusiastic and working with the staff. Her motivation is that she wants to come home.

They are working on bathroom skills, standing, and using a walker.

She is back to talking in paragraphs when 3 or 4 words would answer most questions.

I dropped off her tablet, but she was having some problems. She knows what she wants to do, but she needs to relearn how to drive it. You may or may not get a note from her in the near future.

Chris & Peggy
3 weeks ago. Edited 3 weeks ago.
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Pam update 9/27

This just in from Jay:
"I stayed home today, but I had a call from the hospital. Pam is eating soft food and the feeding tube has been removed. In fact, all the tubes are gone. The Case Worker is working with the rehab center and they are trying to transfer her today.

"When I get more details, I will send them on."


We know everyone will be pleased to get this wonderful news. :)
3 weeks ago.
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Latest update: came in late 9/23/12018

Pam is in a very foggy world. Some things are clear, others not so much.

She has not passed the swallow test but is improving in many other areas.

Pam was able to stand with assistance and there is a little movement in her left arm. That was very encouraging.

Small steps moving forward.

4 weeks ago.
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Pam J
Update 9/22/2018

Pam was speaking today. It is weak but coherent. Most importantly, she is not struggling to make words. She is able to move both legs reasonably well.

She needs to be able to swallow and be fit enough for a rehab routine.

They are working on moving her into rehab sometime next week perhaps, if she is strong enough.
4 weeks ago.