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Updated on: May 23, 2019.

Scavenger Hunt Challenge, album created on March 24, 2019

SH 23 Feather SH19 In A Restaurant SH05 Spring Flowers SH44 Fence SH 43 Pareidola SH 21 A Yellow Car SH28 Rusty SH06 A Trolly SH18 A Small Car SH34 A Dog OnA Lead SH10 A Shadow SH36 A Colorful Building SH26 A Funny Sign SH27 Men or Women at Work SH24 Clock Tower SH40 In A Cemetery . SH07 Graffiti Picture(not a tag) SH03…

Color My World, NO BlackWhite, album created on January 15, 2019

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For Pam, album created on September 21, 2018

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Friends Of Pam - 3 months ago

<b>For the latest from Pam see:<b> Jan 2019 -- Pam's Checkup (heard from Pam past last night and the journey to recovery is going to be a bit longer, keep her in your thoughts/prayers and of course any energies you send her way will be benefical) :) Chris Today was the second follow up appointment with Dr. Cheema, my brain surgeon. It did not go as I expected. After the first appointment I expected us to continue the discussion of targeted radi…

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Clickity Click
Clickity Click
Tá tú níos mó ná fáilte roimh Kenny. :)
4 weeks ago.
Thank you..Chris have a good weekend
4 weeks ago. Edited 4 weeks ago.
Clickity Click
Clickity Click
Thanks to all who have and continue to keep Pam in their thoughts. Pam has some testing to be done later in the year to help decide the course of action. As always we wish her well. :)
6 weeks ago.
Clickity Click
Clickity Click
Spoke with Pam and she is scheduled for some test coming up. The results will help Pam and her doctors decide on the best course of action as she moves forward. :)
4 months ago.
Clickity Click
Clickity Click
December 3, 2018 Spoke with Pam and she sounds in good spirits. She is setting little goals for herself as she follows her rehabilitation journey. She's quite a lady! You Go Pam!
5 months ago.

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