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The art of reduction - 7 months ago

To my opinion a lot of photographs get better with diminished detail, call it abstraction if you like. The art of reduction is very interesting. Try for yourself: look for images that you like where reduction or abstraction is an essential part of the image. And then imagine how they would have looked without it. No distraction, no irrelevant details, no deviation, straight ahead. The only problem is the fact that the art of reduction has a steep learning curve ........... You c…

  • Passion

    - April 12, 2022
    Slowly Burning
    I read a story by Leon van Kemenade that really impressed me: "Like all of us I often fall in love with my own photos. I know, a bit sad. It's just that when you've found a composition that you really like, when you've got the shot you were after, when you've sweated and slaved over it in post processing (well, that might be a bit over the top), it's hard not to invest a bit too much emotional energy into an image. Usually, after a week or so, you look at it again with a little more distanc…

  • Window to the mind

    - September 14, 2020
    Window to the mind
    Photography is like writing, you start with an empty piece of paper, then fill it using your creativity. What is in your mind, what is on that paper, do they correspond, do they have connection? Do you start with an idea, then start writing, word for word, sentence by sentence until your story is complete? Or do you put a lot of words on that paper and start telling it is a story afterwards? Next time remember, photography can be a window to the mind! --------------------------------…

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Scavenger Hunt, album created on January 16, 2020

50 items within 12 months, that's the challenge Here they are: #1 A landmark #2 Dramatic Weather #3 A strangers smile #4 Something saucy #5 Spring flowers #6 A lonely shopping trolley #7 A graffiti picture (not just a tag) #8 A summer drink #9 A gift #10 Shadows #11 A tattoo/tattoos #12 A busker (street musician hoping people will throw money to him/her) #13 Something flying #14 A book in a different language to yours. #15 Someone in uniform #16 Autumn Berries/leaves #17 A public event #18 A sm…

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Have a lovely Christmas dear friend

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thanks Karen!
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Happy Birthday, Luc! :)
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You're very right Judith. They work inspiring, that's for sure.
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