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The Sunday Challenge = Surreal -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------- M.C. Escher has always been one of my inspirators; he did incredible things with stairs, so why not give it a try.....


Black Friday - 30% off

Ths Sunday Challenge = Shops -------------------------------------------- This week all shops seemed to embrace black friday, 30% off is a lot, lot, lot of headache ......


Artistic metalwork

The sunday challenge = artistic metalwork --------------------------------------------------------- ---------- there is something weird with that shadow ...........



The sunday challenge = Your challenge: Wheels Let your creativity have fun. Process as you wish. New photo taken for this week -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------- Have been laying in a hole all night waiting for this truck to roll over me ......................LOL I had my fun, and did some processing, put a toy truck against a starlit sky, adjusted almost all colors, added some movement............ I would call it my vroooooooom eff…


The Sunday Challenge = November ------------------------------------------------- A selfie, my shadow in really amazing light, that reflects trees on the tiles of my bathroom. The coloured leaves, the low sun and the type of light, with the first frost during the night are my association with november.


The Sunday Challenge = Spooky, scary or Halloween ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Turn off the lights and try large on black (if you dare......)



The Sunday Challenge = Orange --------------------------------------------- Street art


The sunday challenge = anything to do with recycling, renovation -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------- best example of recycling, worldwide, is .... nature October is the month when recycling starts again (on the northern hemisphere....) Best viewed Large
You Know What They're Writing About

You Know What They're Writing About

My whole life I've been a Van Morrison adept. His beautiful hymn combined with my own images was the base for this video. You know what they're writing about ....... it's a thing called love.
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