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Noctilucent clouds

The Sunday Challenge = Nightshot ------------------------------------------------ Exceptional bright clouds were visible around midnight, last wednesday. Noctilucent clouds are also called Polar Mesospheric Clouds, PMCs. They are 80-85 km high (50-53 mile) a few km below the mesopause, the coldest part of the atmosphere. NLCs are comprised of extremely small ice crystals some 0.1 micron (1/10,000 mm) diameter. We see them by sunlight scattered by the crystals which are not large enough to show iridescen…

#SH14 - A book in a different language

This is a really ancient book, from 1832; Victor Hugo - Notre Dame de Paris en français - in French - in het Frans - auf Französisch The very same cathedral got destroyed by fire in 2019.


The Sunday Challenge = Double Exposure ----------------------------------------------------------- Big fun to do, never ever thought I could make a photo with both hands in front and at the back of the camera ----------------------------------------------------------- In camera settings: Multiple exposure= on, exposure= average, number = 2

#SH47 - Someone up a height

#SH47 - Someone up a height

#SH26 - A funny sign

"To my regret I have to stay outside!".................. Unicorns not allowed

#10 - Shadows

A more complicated case of negative space ...

Negative Space

The Sunday Challenge = Negative space -------------------------------------------------------- Four tiles create a not negative space; it turns out positive, a big plus ;-) A more complicated example in the note

The World At Your Feet

The Sunday Challenge = Look down, the world at your feet -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Just that ;-)
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