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Out The Window

Looking out the window of the apartment. It's still snowing and as of 4:00 pm we've had around 8 inches with more to come. Have been watching cars slipping and sliding all day, guess they don't believe you should slow down in this kind of weather. More shots in PIP.

Unicorn Dreams

Original image used to create this can be seen in the PIP. Layers and graphics thanks to PicMonkey. This shows well on black/large.

Silk Scarf

Just waiting to see what the storm blows our way!

As Is ...

Thanks to all of you who take the time to come see the Closed Sign and leave a comment. :) Lots of new information regarding winter customs, celebrations & festivals from other countries this week, appreciate your sharing. Worth a look on black and large.

Awakening of Nature

Since we are a group representing different areas around the world: Your challenge: Post a photograph that relates to the various Winter Celebrations, Customs & Festivals held this time of the year. (this may be one from your own country or another one you find interesting. Evergreen trees like pine, cedar & spruce, have long been considered magical trees with healing powers. Both the ancient Druids & Ancient Romans used the evergreen boughs in festivals & rituals to celebrate the return of the sun…



Shop Local

Your mission this week is, anything to do with shopping or shops Show us what you've bought, or where you bought it, or what you brought it home in, the person serving you, the other customers, loads to choose from! This shop is on part of the first level below our apartment. Never know what you will find here. Shows well on black and large. Have a great week everyone.

Light Spirits

This a video full of wild clips of actual elephants and worth a look. Stop it at the 1:03 mark. Source:

Artistic Metalwork

Newest addition to our elephant tribe. It stands 20" from the tip of its trunk to the bottom of its feet. Thanks to you all for the creative and clever photos taken for Artistic Metal Work this week. Your efforts keep us going strong. :) He is quite distinguished when seen on black and large. Better details seen. This short clip is full of wild clips of actual elephants and worth a look. Stop it at the 1:03 mark.
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