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13 Sep 2020

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Fly Away Message

Make someone smile, send them a handwritten letter or card today. :) Another way to reach out to keep in touch with family and friends.:) It takes longer to get to them but they WILL surprise them. Will be in and out to comment/reply. Follow The Science - We Can Get Through This Together

17 Mar 2013

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Chris & Charlie trying to age gracefully. :) Chris aka Clickity Click

08 Sep 2020

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Coronation Cup Celebrating The Crowning of Queen Mary 1911. Her Reign Is Over Along With The Challenge! Don't Let Your Guard Down Covid 19 Still Lurks

06 Sep 2020

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Sandy Pines Arrow Heads

TSC:Challenge #451 Something Old or The Oldest Thing In Your Home One of the many arrow heads found by Charlie on the farm of his Grandma & Grandpa, in what is now called Sandy Pines Resort, in SW Lower Michigan. Probably Grand River Band, Ottawa or Pottawatomie in origin and approximately 3500 years old. Stay Well - Look To The Future

01 Sep 2020

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So Many Kinds Of Masks. :)

Nice contributions of creative photographs for this week's challenge. :) Reach Out To Others Who May Be Alone During These Times.Your Call, Your Card Or Your E-mail Message May Just Bring A Much Needed Smile To Someone Right Now

30 Aug 2020

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TSC: MASK(s) of any kind Challenge #450 Our second pair of cats were Franklin and Eleanor, or as we referred to them: The Roosevelt's. This is the bid dude Franklin posing with a sleep mask. They both have been gone for a long time but remember them as if it were was yesterday. Remember To Reach Out To Others - When Wearing Masks Let Yours Eyes Convey Your Smile

20 Jun 1990

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Lots of great pictures and stories for this challenge. Thanks to everyone for sharing the laughter! I remember about where this was taken and the occasion but not what brought about my fit of laughter! The color of my hair gives away how old this photograph is. (no gray then) The picture reminds me of my best friend Carol. We were always getting into funny situations and thinking of her always makes me smile. The quote above was fond on the following link: There seems to be some confusion as to who, if anyone, can be given credit for this quote.

23 Aug 2020

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TSC #448 Something related to a moment of laughter in our past. We had been married 2 years when we decided to celebrate New Years. Since I've never been able to stay up that late, I asked Charlie to wake me up just before midnight so we could each enjoy a glass of Champagne. As he quietly came into the bedroom with a tray, a bottle of Champagne and two glasses, he tripped over our cat. I woke up to Champagne spilling into one of my slippers, the cat making a rapid departure from the room with Charlie desperately trying to save the rest of the Champagne! We laughed ourselves through that New Years sharing the remaining one glass of Champagne! That was the beginning of many humorous moments we have shared over the years. Take Care Of Each Other - Stay Well - Laugh When You Can

17 Aug 2020

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42SH 2020

Fresh Tomatoes waiting for some bacon, cheese and lettuce. :) Enjoy The Little Things
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