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Keeps You Sane

On black/large the metal work really stands out.

Dark Side of Plastic

The never ending attempts to rid the landfill of plastic and other harmful materials that are destroying our environment.

Re Used Fabric

TSC: Thanks to Marj Environmental .....Things to show how to save plastic pollution in any form or ways to create a better environment. *Thanks to Fraggle For those of you who did this challenge already back in April, I will add a second challenge for you to choose from: anything to do with recycling, up cycling, or renovation. It's astonishing the amount of fabric waste that ends up in the landfills. The following link: While it is several years old this article highlights the problems with fabric g…

Keeps On Ticking - Happy Anniversary

Wow 7 years! A must see large and black!

Bad Hair Day

Bad Hair Day

Fordson Model F circa 1919

Henry Ford started developing a Ford tractor in 1914. The development of the Ford tractor attracted the attention of the English government which was, as a result of the 1914-1918 World War was on the verge of a food crisis and the tractor appeared as a possibility for both the man power and horse power shortage. A contract was negotiated and Ford agreed to ship 7,000 tractors to England as fast as they could be built. By April of 1918, the 7,000 units had been delivered to England. By June of 1918, the…

Purple Haze Vase

A glass vase with little stones which can seen at the bottom. The PIP shows more transparency.
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