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The sunday challenge.

Ce dimanche 18 octobre 2020 : Creative food photography . Ce n' est pas une préparation de mortier pour scellements Ce n' est pas un champignon monstrueux Ce n' est pas non plus de la polenta Ce n' est pas du blob , et pourtant , malgré son aspect peu appétissant, cette recette régionale française est absolument délicieuse. Je vous laisse trouver les ingrédients et le nom de la recette ! It is not a mortar preparation for sealants It's not a monstrous mushroom It's not polenta either It's not a blob, and yet, despite its unappetizing appearance, this regional French recipe is absolutely delicious. I'll let you find the ingredients and the name of the recipe!

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By Clickity Click

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Fill Your Day

Stay Safe - Stay Strong - Reach Out To Others

By Xata

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Creative food photography

As I told on the discussions I am no cook... This was my first idea, but I wanted pink pasta and would have to drive 140km to buy it as there is no place to purchase it closer. Therefore I gave a try with dog food, but I was not satisfied, so I went back to my first idea using Dante (the vertebra), chili tagliatelli and tomato tortellini... For those who don't know Dante, he is a sheep vertebra I found in nature some years ago and travelled with me in many places, also was an actor in some photographs. Now he is too fragile and retired in my library from where he can check on me!!!!! Maybe he is a controlling freak, but nevertheless he was happy to be part of this week's challenge.

By Ghislaine

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donner de la confiture à un cochon

Contribution for The Sunday Challenge # 456 : Creative food photography Je passe beaucoup de temps dans ma cuisine, parce qu'elle a 4 portes; pour la traverser et passer d'une pièce à l'autre, plus que pour y cuisiner : j'aime bien manger, je ne boude jamais un repas qui m'est préparé, mais je n'aime pas cuisiner. Le sujet de cette semaine est une épreuve. Alors j'ai illustré 2 expressions; donner de la confiture à un cochon , et on ne fait pas d'omelette sans casser des oeufs . [Ici sur Not The Sunday Challenge ] J'aurais fait n'importe quoi pour ne pas cuisiner, et cela m'a pris beaucoup de temps... ..... I spend a lot of time in my kitchen, because it has four doors; to cross it and go from one room to another, more than to cook in it: i like to eat well, i never sulk a meal that is prepared for me, but i don't like to cook. This week's topic is a test. So I illustrated 2 expressions; Pearls before swans , and you can't make an omelette without breaking eggs . [Here on Not The Sunday Challenge ] I would have done anything not to cook, and it took me a long time... ..... Ich verbringe viel Zeit in meiner Küche, weil sie vier Türen hat; sie zu durchqueren und von einem Raum zum anderen zu gehen, mehr als darin zu kochen: Ich esse gerne gut, ich schmollte nie eine Mahlzeit, die für mich zubereitet wurde, aber ich koche nicht gerne. Das Thema dieser Woche ist ein Test. Also illustrierte ich 2 Ausdrücke; Perlen vor die Säue werfen , und man kann kein Omelett machen, ohne Eier zu zerbrechen . [Hier auf Not The Sunday Challenge ] Ich hätte alles getan, um nicht zu kochen, und es hat lange gedauert...

By Wierd Folkersma

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TSC: Creative food photography although I was raised not to play with food, I couldn't resist...;)

By Diederik Santema

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Voedafdruk - Foodprint

The Sunday Challenge: creatief met voeding Voedafdruk in havermout. - - - The Sunday Challenge: creative food photography Foodprint in oatmeal - - - Dank voor het bekijken, commentaren, favorieten en kritiek. Geen verder gebruik zonder mijn uitdrukkelijke toestemming. · Thanks for watching, comments, favourites and critique. No further use without my explicit consent.

By Sami Serola

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Contribution for The Sunday Challenge #456: Creative food photography Spoiler alert! Magic revealed .

By Amazingstoker

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I ❤️ nuts

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