Dear Flickr friends,

Many of you have recently decided to sign-up to ipernity.
We'd like to thank you for choosing us to host and share your photos in their maximum quality.

Concerning the need to transfer your photos onto ipernity.

We offer scripts that enable you to import your photos from your Flickr account to your ipernity account. Scripts will be improved within the next few days.

Please go to this page for further information.

This page is also accessible from the upload page.

Please update your scripts if you've previously used them, as we have made some changes.

2013-05-23 update
- a new "flickr.importer" script is available, to import up to 90 photos at once
- scripts also work with Chrome
- possibility of signing up with one click with your Yahoo!Flickr account

If you have any questions or need assistance please feel free to contact us.

Catch you soon :)

The ipernity Team