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Updated on: April 25, 2017.

Remnant Scrub Block, album created on August 25, 2013

I live here, on a small patch of scrub in the Adelaide Hills district of South Australia. Because of its shape and the general "poorness" of it (dry and exposed), the ridge it occupies above Aldgate Creek was not considered worth fencing for grazing. As a direct result, it retains much of the original vegetation. It has also seemed by passers by and neighbours to be "vacant" and has been used by dog lovers as a place for running a…

Lake Edward, album created on July 18, 2013

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Plants, album created on July 17, 2013

Prunus padus or "Bird Cherry"?

IMG 8196

Calostoma sp., a type of stalked puffball; bumping it to show spores releasing. - See all videos
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Greetings and AWOL from me (too) - 2 years ago

Greetings to my ipernity friends. Life here as been hectic and I miss the lovely connections here, so will be making a real effort to get back into it. Only another couple of weeks to go and then I will have the time to browse AND the internet connection that will make it possible. Until services are better (than 3rd world) I have to snatch opportunities when they arise. As this morning's batch of photos indicate, this has been a big family time for me. Most of those photos are restrict…

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Diana Australis
Diana Australis
Thanks for the kind message, Judith. We are in fact in Summertown just now, safe and well..."unlike so many others in the Himalaya at present. Thoughts are with them! Have a lovely week!
2 years ago.
Gosh, I have been away a long time.
It's been a testing time on a few fronts, but feel I am back in the land of the living again.
(No, that doesn't mean I have been very unwell, just not "up to speed")

The rain alone has lifted my spirits!

Thank you to all who have popped in; I am looking forward to catching up again.
My regards to you all.
2 years ago.
Thank you for visiting! I appreciate all your comments.
2 years ago.
Yes. I have been following updates regarding water supplies / security in US ... am accustomed to it being us.
Who could have imagined the Columbia and other rivers as they are; and the groundwater(s) so low?

We have similar conflicts over our River Murray's water, too.
So short-sighted
And thank you for noticing and commenting.
2 years ago.
Ironic--we're looking forward to an El Niño on this side of the Big Pond, because that could (not necessarily, but could) be a drought-breaker for us! Most of the US mountain west, including where I live, is in a record-setting drought. Too bad the rainfall on either side of the Pacific seems to be a zero-sum game--
2 years ago.

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