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Unfortunately yes. I really hoped I could carry on using ipernity but it is very quiet here and at the moment I can only view my latest 200 uploads because my subscription has expired. At the time I was due to renew it I needed help from ipernity with a problem I was having but they wouldn't pull there finger out so I didn't renew.
7 years ago.
I see you're also settling in. A couple of hundred of my photos didn't transfer but I can live with that until I can locate which ons they are.
Everytime I visit Flickr (usually for GWL) I still can't believe what an absolute mess it has become and am quite happy I chose to come to Ipernity.
8 years ago.
 MJ Maccardini (trailerfullofpix)
MJ Maccardini (trail… club
Kudos on getting all your photos transferred over. Looking forward to staying in touch in this sane and pleasant spot.
8 years ago.

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