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  • Spring.


  • Printemps magique....

  • Vous avez dit... printemps ?

    Sur fond noir, pour votre plaisir !
    By Hervé

  • Here it comes! - Spring is around the corner

    Feb 15th... snowdrops and crocus are blooming the sure sign of coming spring. Found this on a urban street while walking to our Skytrain transit.

  • Hand in Hand

    By Siebbi

  • Hand in Hand

    Took this out at Wellington Point some time ago together with Nick
    By Garry

  • Deer in winter scenery


  • Feel the cold!

    Sweden. 2010. Frontpage of Ipernity, February 2013.

  • Cold seating

    By Johan

  • Winter-Memories

  • Cold and windy

  • IMG 2836

    By smjl

  • Brrrrr... kalt

    Im Winter kommt wieder das kollektive Zusammenrücken :D
    By Helen

  • "junge Liebe" II.

  • Sarah

    Snow Queen Sarah! Although we've done several shoots together, this was Sarah's first shoot in a studio. It was also my first shoot with a new lighting set-up. I'm really thrilled with the results.

  • PB265306ac A Presidential Smile

    This poor child was at play in the canot of his father and we sat five minutes on the little boat for a talk with him; As always he was so happy to see his picture! Madagascar Morondava Seaside Fishermen Village.

  • Smile

    Snug and happy

  • Happy:)

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