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  • I Can't Wait

    - January  2, 2020
    The Nu Shooz (lead vocalist Valerie Day, Danny Schauffler, John Smith and Rick Waritz) 1984 LP "Tha's Right" contained the original "I Can't Wait" (J. Smith). Issued as a single it was a big hit in the group's Portland, Oregon hometown but nowhere else. Originally this was a twelve member group that gradually became the husband and wife team of Valerie Day and John Smith with additional musicians. The 1986 album by Nu Shooz was to be called "The Point Of No Return" but that was changed to th…

  • Lie To Me

    - January  1, 2020
    Margie Singleton (Ebey) wrote "Lie To Me" and brought in to Brook Benton. When she was thirteen Margie married future producer and label owner Shelby Singleton. In 1965 she married songwriter Leon Ashley. Brook Benton (Benjamin Peay) had success with "Lie To Me" (Margie Singleton - Brook Benton) in 1962. The single from his album "Singing The Blues" peaked at number thirteen on Billboard and top ten on other national charts.

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