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  • 5 April 2024 - Club News

    - 9 days ago - 12 comments
    1) Ipernity General Assembly (IGA 2024) will take place Sunday, April 7th, 2024 For registered attendees only, (the deadline to participate was April 3rd), the following documents will be made available at least 24 hours in advance: ● Annual Financial Statement 2023 ● IGA 2024 - Treasurer's Report on 2023 ● IGA 2024 - Report of the President on 2023 ● IGA 2024 - Motions to Agenda item 11 (Miscellaneous) Please read these documents before the meeting to save time. Make a n…

  • IGA 2024 - Report of the President on 2023

    - 05 Apr 2024 - 3 comments
    IGA 2024 - Report of the President on 2023 Activity report on the year 2023 IGA 2024 - Rapport du Président sur l'année 2023 Rapport d'activité pour l'année 2023 IGA 2024 - Bericht des Präsidenten über das Jahr 2023 Tätigkeitsbericht über das abgelaufene Geschäftsjahr 2023

  • IGA 2024 - Treasurer's Report on 2023

    - 02 Apr 2024 - 3 comments
    IGA2024 - Treasurer's report on 2023 Related Annual Financial Report 2023 IGA2024 - Rapport de la trésoriere sur l'année 2023 États financiers annuels rapport 2023 IGA2024 - Bericht der Schatzmeisterin über das Jahr 2023 Zugehöriger Finanzbericht 2023

  • 2024-03-30 Amendments to the Statutes (Proposal)

    - 31 Mar 2024 - 2 comments
    English ARTICLE VII b – CASH AUDITORS AND DATA PROTECTION OFFICER Section 1 – Election and role: The full members present at the Ipernity General Assembly shall appoint two one Cash Auditor s who shall be responsible for certifying the annual financial report compiled by the Treasurer prior to the Ipernity General Assembly. A second Cash Auditor and a Data Protection Officer may also be appointed. The Cash Auditor s (s) shall present their report at the Ipernity Gene…

  • 2024 Candidatures for the Board

    - 30 Mar 2024
    ima team
    We look forward to the members confirming these appointments at the IGA. In reply to our call for candidatures for the mandates of Vice President and Treasurer, one person has come forward: No one has come forward for Vice-President. Corinne Pommerell - as Treasurer. Current incumbent, standing for re-election The ima team therefore proposes to the General Assembly as candidate: 1) Vice-President - none 2) Treasurer Cori…

  • 2024 IGA - Agenda

    - 30 Mar 2024 - 5 comments
    Agenda of the Ipernity General Assembly 2024 (IGA2024) Ordre du jour de l'Assemblée Générale d'Ipernity 2024 (IGA2024) Tagesordnung der Ipernity-Mitglieder-Generalversammlung 2024 (IGA2024)

  • How to participate in the IGA 2024

    - 29 Mar 2024 - 4 comments
    How the IGA will be run 2024 (Note: Some links will only be available after being signed up to attend) As an international community, the IGA takes place online and will be on Sunday, April 7, 2024 at 16:00 (UTC). The IGA takes place in the 'Ipernity General Assembly' group's discussions found here: IGA Group Discussions 1) How to Sign Up Register to attend by April 3rd, 2024. 2) How To Vote Learn voting method for 2024 (same as for 2023) before the meeting d…

  • IGA (ipernity general assembly) 2024

    - 24 Mar 2024 - 9 comments
    ima team
    Dear Full Club Members of ipernity, The IGA 2024 will take place on Sunday, April 7, 2024, 6pm Paris (16:00 UTC). Please check your clock for the correct time in your country. Your time zone ============================================================ We encourage all full club members to attend. ▶️ Follow this link to the sign up procedure . The verification of your identity is only necessary, if you are participating for the first time. Otherwise, we only require…

  • New Club Members - most recent

    - 06 Mar 2024 - 122 comments
    Boulette Noelle ← publicly active Bärbel's Reise ← publicly active Claudia G ← publicly active Patrice Leconte ← publicly active Jeannette Nelson 0815 Hansk Setor Setor Cowoxef Smith Oleg Tretyakov Eric Prisma ← publicly active Dave Lederer ← publicly active Paul Gresille ← publicly active Fariz Aliyev Marek Spreitzer Roohul Amin Charlie ← publicly active Jef109 Virginia Sandman ← publicly active J…

  • 1 March 2024 - Club News

    - 01 Mar 2024 - 45 comments
    Dear members and friends of ipernity, 1. One month until IGA. Sign up by April 3rd in order to attend. Our annual membership meeting will be held online on Sunday April 7th 2024, 5pm [Correction: 6pm] Paris (16:00 UTC) . Please see Sign-Up Procedure for IGA . For anyone who has not attended previously, a look at the IGA group will give you an idea of how the meeting is conducted online. There are two mandates open for election. 2. Meeting in the real world. We are ind…

  • 2 February 2024 - Club News

    - 02 Feb 2024 - 21 comments
    Dear members and friends of ipernity, 1. Two months until IGA. Sign up for the meeting now. Our annual membership meeting is due to be held on Sunday April 7th 2024, 5pm Paris (16:00 UTC) . "When are the others turning up?" Don't delay, please see Sign-Up Procedure for IGA . For anyone who has not attended previously, a look at the IGA group will give you an idea of how the meeting is conducted online. 2. Speaking of groups of animals... Our…

  • 5 January 2024 - Club News

    - 05 Jan 2024 - 17 comments
    Dear members and friends of ipernity, "We’ll take a cup o’ kindness yet, for auld lang syne." - Robert Burns With the ringing in of the new year, we wish our ipernity community a year of joy, laughter, and of course, lots of shared photos and images! The team is grateful for everything we've done together in the past year. May the excitement of what's yet to come fill our website and your lives. 1. Revision for user creating a new group. Relating to item 20 of the 'problems' di…

  • 1 December 2023 - Club News

    - 01 Dec 2023 - 60 comments
    Dear members and friends of ipernity, Seasons Greetings! With the coming change of season we are reminded that we are a global community. We are happy that here on our website we are able to enjoy, both the cold low winter light and the brightness of hot summer. What a pleasure to share these moments with each other. We are thankful for this community which shows us how varied our world is. Peace be with you. 1. Statement from our Club President about AI images. We've noticed th…

  • Be a part of shaping ipernity's future!

    - 01 Dec 2023 - 3 comments
    ima team
    For other languages: ipernity members may use the integrated translator at the end of this article. (Visitors: Please use DeepL Translator or install an add-on that suits your browser.) Dear members and friends of ipernity, For IGA 2024 the mandate for Vice President is still vacant, and the mandate for Treasurer is up for election. We invite loyal and active club members who are 21 years of age or older to join the ima team to continue shaping the future of…

  • 3 November 2023 - Club News

    - 03 Nov 2023 - 62 comments
    Dear members and friends of ipernity, 1. Bulletin from our club president. On 7 October 2023 we were presented with a claim for monetary damages from a well-established and reputable German-headquartered company that specializes in obtaining compensation from intellectual property theft (e.g. copyright infringements) because of the actions of an ipernity member. He is now a past member because his account was promptly deleted along with the image that had been uploaded without the photog…

  • 6 October 2023 - Club News

    - 05 Oct 2023 - 42 comments
    Dear members and friends of ipernity, 1. Revised Landing Page. The selection of images for the Landing Page has been made, and the software update implemented, see Explore . You will note that the image changes each time the page is refreshed. This is on a random basis, so you might get the same image twice, but most of the time it will be different. We hope that this refresh, suggested by our membership, helps new members engage with the text and our website, and that our current me…

  • 1 September 2023 - Club News

    - 01 Sep 2023 - 21 comments
    Dear members and friends of ipernity, 1. World Photography Day - August 19th, 2023. What a great success! For this year's event 70 people captured their photographic day and interests literally from all over the world. From favorite cameras, to the depths of the night sky, from well planned out images to spontanious discoveries, our members celebrated the gift of photography. View all the wonderful contributions in the group here and join in the conversations about why and how th…

  • ⚠️ New Photo Replace Feature

    - 30 Aug 2023 - 87 comments
    [New as of April 2022, latest minor edit to instructions August 2023] Since the native replace feature of our website no longer works for all file types, we are offering you an alternative replace function for photos today. How does it work? Short, summary version: - find the old picture, set it to 'private' and copy the picture number, - upload the new image, set it to 'private', click 'Replace', - paste the number of the old picture and start the process. In detail: ❶…

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