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  • 2017-10-11 Translator Issue

    - October 11, 2017 - 67 comments
    To all, Some features such as the translator are currently not available since the IP SA judicial procedure blocked payments for the service. This is a routine legal procedure and we are hopeful this inconvenience will be brief as the proceeding progresses. We appreciate your patience and understanding. On behalf of IMA Eric and William

  • 2017-09-29 Newsflash

    - September 30, 2017 - 119 comments
    [EN] Dear members and friends of ipernity! 1) Last week we encountered irregularities related to gift subscriptions and upgrades of ipernity users who never had been club members before. Both problems were resolved quickly. We are grateful for the help received from members and for the cooperation of Christophe Ruelle. 2) Our call for assistance yielded a pleasing resonance outcome, thanks for that as well. Depending on the urgency of the matter we will contact you individually. 3…

  • 2017-09-22 Newsflash

    - September 23, 2017 - 128 comments
    [EN] Dear ipernity friends and IMA members, 1) We are pleased to inform you today, that all changes regarding the financial transactions have now been successfully and completely implemented. All payments are being transferred exclusively to the IMA. You may therefore proceed with the extensions of your subscriptions In some areas you may still encounter problems, when you try to pay via one of the Skrill options (Credit Card, etc). Please note, that in some countries you can pay…

  • 2017-09-15 Newsflash

    - September 16, 2017 - 151 comments
    [EN] Dear members! 1) Certainly many of you have seen already, that the new subscription periods (6 and 12 months) are as well online, as the new IMA prices for the club subscriptions. As soon as we have checked the operational capability completely – particularly with regard to credit card payments – we will give the formal go-ahead for your renewals or subscriptions. 2) We are very pleased, that our efforts to reactivate "Explore" were a complete success. Furthermore we are do…

  • 2017-09-08 Newsflash

    - September  8, 2017 - 183 comments
    [EN] Dear Members, we want to inform you about the progress of the transfer process contemporarily today: 1) Unfortunately there are still technical difficulties with regard to the transfer of the bank accounts from IPERNITY S.A. to IMA, concerning use of certain credit cards. We are working to solve those problems. In this context there are also technical difficulties with PAYPAL in several cases. We estimate that these problems will be resolved Friday, 15th of September, 2017. We also a…

  • 2017-09-01 Business Takeover

    - September  1, 2017 - 216 comments
    [EN] Dear Members, We are thrilled to announce that we are about to take the last steps of IMA's take-over of the Ipernity platform and service. IMA is now handling the financial aspects of the site. IMA made the first payment to Amazon Web Services for August and will continue to pay the operating costs to ensure the site runs without interruption. This is a major accomplishment in the transition from Ipernity S.A. to IMA . However, technical issues such as renewal options still need…

  • 2017-07-21 Why photos don't show up

    - July 21, 2017 - 155 comments
    === EN === Fixed : 21-07 17:20 CEST Dear all, Amazon has decided without notice to block some services due to unpaid bills. We've contacted them and we hope everything will work normally very zoon. No medias were lost. Sorry for the inconvenience. === FR === Réglé : 21-07 17:20 CEST Amazon a coupé sans sommation l'accès à certains services en raison de factures impayées. Nous les avons contacté et tout devrait rentrer dans l'ordre très vite. Aucune photo/media n'est perdue. Veu…

  • 2017-05-12 ipernity website hiccups

    - May 12, 2017 - 300 comments
    == EN == Sorry if the platform was sometimes unacessible these last days... we're still working to optimize some services... We expect to stabilize everything during the week-end. Thank You for your understanding. == FR == Excusez-nous si la plate-forme a été parfois indisponible ces derniers jours. Nous optimisons certains services actuellement. Tout devrait être stabilisé pendant ce week-end. Merci de votre compréhension.

  • 2017-04-26 ima Agreement

    - April 26, 2017 - 335 comments
    == EN == Hi everyone, I've received today the final proposal from the IMA.... I replied I was ok to accept. Papers will be signed / sent tomorrow... I'm very affected by some of the comments I've seen on the last post,.. I've been doing my best and worked hard to let ipernity survive... I don't see many person who would have worked as much as I did, without any other interest to keep the service online. Kind Regards Christophe. == FR == Bonjour tout le monde, J'ai recu…

  • No news, good news ? Pas de nouvelle, bonne nouvelle ?

    - April 25, 2017 - 98 comments
    == EN == Dear All, I've sent an email to the IMA (William) + Claus-Peter yesterday at 14:00 GMT... I know William is very busy right now, but I hope we will get an answer soon. Sorry, I can't say much more right now... Please do not worry, I'm sure the deal will go through... == FR == J'ai envoyé un message à l'IMA (William) + Claus-Peter hier à 14h. Je sais que William est très occupé, mais j'espère avoir un retour rapidement. C'est tout ce que je peux dire pour le moment…

  • About the IMA proposal / Au sujet de la proposition de l'IMA

    - April 24, 2017 - 69 comments
    == EN == Hi Everybody, Just a quick message to say that we're 99% ok with the IMA proposal. I'm sure we will find in the next hours (maybe tomorrow) a final agreement. Please be sure that I'm doing my best to make the deal happen. Thank You for your patience and your understanding. Christophe Ruelle. PS : I will not be able to reply to all emails / comments shortly. == FR == Bonjour tout le monde, Un rapide messahe pour vous rassurer sur le fait que nous sommes à 99% d'a…

  • Crowdfunding by IMA day 3 - [EN] [FR]

    - March 17, 2017 - 26 comments
    Point au jour 3 et petite clarification sur le financement participatif.

  • Crowdfunding by IMA day 2 - [EN] [FR]

    - March 16, 2017 - 43 comments
    IMA campaign reaches 10k
    [EN] Hello to you all, 10,000$ has been collected already! We are amazed by your investement. Thank you so much for any participation, even the smallest, you are willing to do. And, please, KEEP spreading the information : Sincerely, Ipernity team ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [FR] Bonjour…

  • Crowdfunding campaign by IMA [EN] [FR] -

    - March 14, 2017 - 123 comments
    La campagne de financement participatif (crowdfunding) par l'IMA

  • 1 Mars 2017 [EN] [FR]

    - March  1, 2017 - 104 comments
    [EN] Hello to you all, What is going on in ipernity ? We are patiently waiting for IMA to makes their proposal. Once it will be set, the negotiations will get started. They have officially registered the association to the French office. They are waiting for the paper to come back. If you do not have seen it yet, they published their Bylaws : (English) (French) ipernityma.wixsite.c…

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