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Updated on: February 17, 2020.
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In Fast Company: Raleigh Club Cycles 1934-1942 - 3 years ago

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Sélection Tricolore Course (STC), album created on May  8, 2019

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1939 Rudge-Whitworth Olympic Road, album created on May 19, 2018

Rudge-Whitworth Olympic Road model no. 92 serial no. 46637 47 Made in Hayes, Middlesex, England in April 1939 Purchased on 9 January 2018 Back on the road 19 May 2018 Some History "Worthy descendant of the long line of Rudge high-speed machines which on road and track have built the unsurpassed records of successes enjoyed by Rudge, this new "True-Poise" model is one of an entirely new range incorporating every modern feature that scientific research has made possible. It is the ace of clu…

c. 1987 Mécacycle «Chrono», album created on February 19, 2019

serial no. 9265 (stamped on steerer tube) 926 (stamped on bb undershell) Saint-Étienne, Loire, France Purchased (eBay Germany) as a frameset on 22 October 2018 Back on the road 17 April 2019 Les normes que Mécacycle s'impose sont draconiennes. Ainsi le Chrono est un cadre soudo brasé de très haute qualité alliant beauté, pureté et efficacité. MÉCACYCLE One of the last quality French framebuilders to be established, Mécacycle had its roots in the very heart of the French bicycle industry, ind…

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