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Updated on: July 22, 2017.
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Raleigh/Sturmey-Archer Team 1936-40 - 6 months ago

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1947/48 Raleigh Record Ace, album created on January 12, 2017

model no. 26 serial no. 390398P Purchased from Paul Raley in January 2017 who beautifully restored this himself, winning the Best of British Award at the 2009 Cirque du Cyclisme. Back on the road 13 May 2017 Although announced in March 1946, the new post-war model of the Raleigh Record Ace was long delayed in production and was not formally introduced until the November 1947 Raleigh cycle show. Production of the frames began in mid to late 1947. Orders were accepted in early 1948 but it was…

Vitus Carbone 9 & Peugeot PY-10FC, album created on February 20, 2016

A Pair of Vitus Carbone Plus Racing Machines: 1987 Vitus Carbone 9 (Tout Mavic) 1985 Peugeot PY-10FC (Peugeot Racing Team components)

1987 Vitus Carbone 9 «tout Mavic», album created on January 24, 2016

serial no. E097715 715th frame made in September 1987 Purchased as a frameset on eBay for $250 on 26 October 2015 back on the road 13 February 2016 The Restoration The eBay seller purchased this from a bike shop as a one previous owner machine for its complete Dura Ace 7400 groupset and was told the bike had only been used about six times. The frame is in likewise almost NOS condition. Perhaps predictably I returned this to the road avec "Tout Mavic équipement" to achieve a "tout français…

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