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Updated on: December 11, 2018.

Macro corner, album created on April  4, 2018

14 items in total.

Monochrome converts, album created on February  2, 2018

Collecting together various digital images converted to monochrome

Collection of interesting items - Notgeld, album created on December  7, 2017

Titled as 'Group **A or B' showing both sides of respective notes. this is a series of collages of a collection of notgeld; the German name covers monetary items that may be issued by an institution in times of economic or political crisis. The issue is usually made with no official central government sanction, usually arises when sufficient state-produced money is not available and generally refers to money produced in Germany and Austria during World War I. I may not have attributed the correc…

Sparrow hawk Bathing

Our local Sparrow hawk filmed hand held through the kitchen window and caught in the birdbath back in October 2012. - See all videos
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Another Ipernity New year - 11 months ago

A new year starting with, thankfully, an operational Ipernity, what would I do without being able to see all the great images from the many uploads, (never found the F site to have the same feeling), I thank you all for a great community and especially heart felt thanks to those that put so much time and effort into raising this Pheonix from the dark ashes; Happy New Year!

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Gabriella Siglinde
Gabriella Siglinde
Once again, many thanks,Roger!
I've thoroughly enjoyed your kind words.
Best regards...

3 months ago.
Karp Panta
Karp Panta
Muchas gracias Roger. Cada día me gusta más Ipernity, porque aprendo mucho de todos vosotros. Con razón se comenta que una imagen habla más que mil palabras. Un saludo bien cordial desde Barcelona.
7 months ago.
Laura Perinelli
Laura Perinelli
Grazie per l'amicizia..ricambiata!
9 months ago.
Happy New Year Roger.

11 months ago.
Hello good Roger its good to see you..!
Thanks for your visit and kind comments..!
Have a very nice week..!
16 months ago.

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