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  • The tool for opening crates and boxes or good for fencing - so HFF

    A vintage tool by Snail Brand waiting on a bit of TLC, appears to have use as a crate or box opening tool, I thought it was a good combination tool for timber fence work - so HFF to one and all and have a great weekend.

  • Met this fungi walking the dog

    A fungi met on the path of a dogwalk this week

  • Delivering electricity for H.A.N.W.E

    Snatched a mobile phone shot of this chopper flying over the roof tops, delivering electricity or just doing a survey? Need some power for H.A.N.W.E have a great one folks

  • Signs of Autumn

    Signs of Autumn on the path to H.A.N.W.E - have a good one folks!

  • A big heap of soil around the sand pit

    A big heap of soil around the sand pit excavation, a black and white conversion for Friday - amazing how tidy a 'dozer can be.

  • Quarries are dangerous places for HFF!

    Quarries are dangerous places, more warning signs, with the high earth bund beyond the fence - all for a Happy.Fence.Friday of course

  • View up Binton Lane

    View up Binton Lane with dappled tree shadows against the light, a road to Farnham Golf Course

  • A Bee in August on late Buddleia flowers for H.A.N.W.E

    A Bee in August on late Buddleia flowers to wish everyone H.A.N.W.E - desperately trying to catch up, but still got too much going on at the moment.

  • Bracket fungus

    Bracket fungus on a roadside tree

  • An old field gate and fence to keep you out of danger

    Roadside fencing and an old field gate along the side of a deep sand pit

  • Orange Roses

    Orange Rose in August 2018

  • Walking the dog

    A walk with the dog down Seale Lane

  • An old gate and serious fencing to a deep sand pit all for HFF

    Serious roadside fencing along side a deep sand pit - HFF to you all!

  • An audiance of Penguins

    An audiance of Penguins - watching the keepers checking the bird houses for eggs

  • A young bird for HFF

    A young bird for HFF - but what is it? Have a great Friday and an enjoyable weekend!

  • Coming up with an offering - H.A.N.W.E.

    Coming up with an offering could be worming his way into favour for H.A.N.W.E to one and all!

  • Juvenile Flamingo

    Juvenile Flamingo walking into frame

  • Masked Lapwing (Vanellus miles)

    Masked Lapwing (Vanellus miles) native to Australia, inhabiting marshes, mudflats, beaches and grassland.

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