Roger Dodger's photos

  • Lavender backlit in the sunshine for H.A.N.W.E

    Backlit Lavender hoping for some sunshine this weekend - H.A.N.W.E. to you all

  • Phoebe and Barney Puttenham Common

    Phoebe and Barney Puttenham Common dog-walk April 2018

  • Trees in Binton Woods

    New leaves on the favourite Oak Trees in Binton Woods

  • B&W in Binton Woods

    New leaves on the Oak Trees - a B&W conversion

  • 20180307 120316a Fenced off road and paving work on Hospital Hill for HFF

    New roadwork and paving at the top of Hospital Hill for major housing development on previous Crown Estates land, with the WW1 memorial on the mound.

  • Dogs are OK

    -- -- But dogs are OK so we go this way

  • Sun dappled Blighton Lane

    Looking down the sun dappled Blighton Lane to Surrey a field of sheep and buttercups

  • A field of Buttercups with a fence for HFF

    Buttercups all over the field and a short stretch of fence for a HFF to one and all

  • Waiting for me

    Barney waiting down the path again

  • Dappled sunlit woodland path for H.A.N.W.E

    Dappled sunlit path through woodland - H.A.N.W.E to you all!

  • A contorted tree in B&W

    A contorted tree in the woodland

  • Raising a dust storm

    A long shot of someone hard at work kicking up a dust cloud in the field

  • A pair of regulars in the garden

    A pair of regular Collared Doves in the garden

  • HFF from the bottom of the garden

    Clematis and Wisteria flowering now - HFF to you all!

  • Bluebells in a patch of sunlight for H.A.N.W.E

    Woodland clearing with Bluebells in a patch of sunlight - wishing the best of weekends to one and all!

  • View out to the Golf Course

    View out to Farnham Golf Course and fields from Binton Woods

  • Coppiced trees and Bluebells

    A panorama of coppiced trees and Bluebells

  • A rural scene on the River Wey

    A rural scene in Frensham Surrey, a B&W conversion for Black and White Friday

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