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Hosta leaves changing colour

22 Dec 2020 10 7 24
Hosta leaves in Autumn colour

Red Rose with Aphids

12 Nov 2020 6 4 14
Red Rose with Aphids in November

Autumn Magnolia leaf

02 Nov 2020 6 1 12
Autumn Magnolia a fallen leaf

Berberis Autumn colours

24 Nov 2020 5 4 13
Autumn colour of a Berberis shrub

December Roses Triptych

11 Dec 2020 5 5 13
Delayed upload from December - Happy New Year all! Great to be back.

Old Portsmouth a view from the 1930s

19 Jan 2012 9 8 552
View over Old Portsmouth and the dockyard from the Solent 1930s One of the old Southern Railway paddle steamers serving the Isle of Wight inbound to Portsmouth, possibly to the dock at Clarence Pier. The church tower, behind the YMCA roof, is the location of Saint Thomas Portsea, what is now Portsmouth Cathedral, my paternal great grandparents were married there on 25th September 1867, as were my 2nd great grandparents on 23rd May 1842. This vessel may be either PS Southsea or PS Whippingham - still searching for confirmatory images (2021 update)

Edith L R Everett Christmas 1931

04 Feb 2015 16 20 183
Wishing all of ipernity the very best for Christmas 2020 - an old greeting from my aunt Edith Lavinia Rose Everett Christmas 1931 Scan of photo post card

Woodland cat - often seen patrolling the woods

06 Nov 2020 10 5 42
The woodland cat staring me out - often see the 'Ginger one' patrolling the woodland staring me out as I walk through.

Woodland cat

06 Nov 2020 5 2 23
A local cat in a favourite haunt, often seen patrolling its domain

Path with patrolling cat

06 Nov 2020 4 2 17
Woodland track with the Ginger cat patrolling in the distance

Woodland path with some of natures fencing materia…

06 Nov 2020 3 2 19
Leaf strewn path through the Autumn woodland - originally intended for HFF on November 6th, but didn't know whether it made it - so HFF for Friday 4th December folks, nice to see things look like getting back to stable again.

Tongham Woodland fence for HFF

03 Nov 2020 26 45 96
Managed to get out with a camera for a woodland walk this week; here's one for HFF, have a good one folks and a good safe weekend to all.

A walk in the woodland

03 Nov 2020 4 3 34
Autumn woodland walk, nice to get out and about so one for H.A.N.W.E, enjoy your weekend folks!

Many leaves yet to fall

03 Nov 2020 5 3 34
A good tree to hide the devastation of development on a field beyond

Another lost field

03 Nov 2020 1 21
The end of another bit of Tongham farmland, more housing around what was once a small agricultural village. Just one area of a number of large housing developments on what was prime farm land. There is a great deal of further development going on beyond this field too.

Sunlit autumnal tree colour

23 Oct 2020 3 7 23
Looked out a window a week ago to see these autumnal trees with colours glowing in the setting sun

Clematis flowers in the Autumnal sunshine for HFF

07 Oct 2020 24 23 97
Some Late flowering on this Clematis on a sunny Autumn day, it has benefitted from the recent rainfall; HFF to one and all (OK it is trellis, but looks like fence!), have a pleasant weekend folks!

Virginia Creeper taking over

07 Oct 2020 4 3 35
Virginia Creeper taking over a tower of the old Victorian Wesleyan Church, for H.A.N.W.E with a fence too, enjoy a safe and healthy weekend folks!

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