April brought me Flowers, not showers., album created on April  1, 2017

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March is here changable start., album created on March  1, 2017

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August s here, first wet, then sunny, album created on August  1, 2016

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Shades of Grey - Cry,Cry,Cry. - 2 months ago

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Squirrels on Sunday

A lucky moment cathing these to Nutters 2 video clips (MVI_4391 and MVI_4392, 2 photographs and 1 music file. Captured on Canon PowerShot A710 IS digital camera in video clip mode. - See all videos

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Mickey fez
Mickey fez
Good to see you back mate,take it easy
2 weeks ago.
WELCOME HOME.Johnno..you were missed.....

i hope the nurses were nice for you:) .
2 weeks ago. Edited 2 weeks ago.
Not so bad Gracie but yeterdays day nurse was a new idjit, not seen her before and the evening one did not een show up.
5 weeks ago.
How are you doing today John? Less pain and smarter nurses I hope.
6 weeks ago.
thanks Johnno for johnny cash beetle ..never knew there was such a thing..thanks for the show too..im going out to bubby sit soon for a couple hours for my son ..ill go to ya show now ..:) have a good night John
7 weeks ago.