Has absolutely nothing to do with the Title other than that there is still hope for our well loved Unique Ipernity to still be here next week.

We are all aware of what lead to Ipernity SA decidng to close down so there is no point in continuing to Beat a Dead Horse.

Because what is done is done.

We the users were able to stand together and wave the flag, raise our voices to such an extent the a few good people decided to form the I M A, speak to the IPSA Team and gain time to try a Crowdfunding effort to pay overdue server rent and keep the Platform alive while they (If succesful) could take control, re-organise things to make it obvious to the owner founder, sharholders and other investors that Ipernity does have a future
This morning the Crowdfunding collection ended a little short of the $30.000 required.

William Sutherland I M A the following information:
Final figures @ 00.00 GMT 29th March 2017 $29.180.00.
Less Processing fee $1.040.18.
Less Bank delivery fee $25.00.

Net total $28.114.90.

He went on to say that we had to have the money now otherwise we would not have been able to get it until mid April which would be to late as IPSA MADE A DEADLINE FOR 31ST March 2017.

It is now the immediate object of the I M A leaders and IPSA Team to put their heads together in what is an emergency situation to prevent Ipernity from crumbling to dust like the once mighty Roman Empire.

We all hope that they can be succesful in this operation in order that we (Ipernity comrades) will be able to make a comeback in the same manner as the ubiquitous House Sparrow that we humans almost drove into extinction by making our homes as air tight as possible to save energy, that meant no holes for these dull brown chirpy little birds to enter in order to build nests and breed.

Like us today, the Sparrows also got together and found new ways to build their nests, were able to breed and now we can enjoy them once more in our Gardens.

My little garden residen Red Squirrel dropped in today to hear how things are going at Ipernity SA

She too is keeping her fingers crossed.

The meeting should soon give us the result of our efforts, let them be the correct result so we can meet next month as usual.

The second round or final as it happens is in progress this week.
Let us keep our fingers crossed and do not stop posting and commenting to show that we have faith in the continuation of our cyber lives here.

The following is a copy of William Sutherlands latest progress report, it looks very promising indeed.


William Sutherland 2017-04-05 After today’s Skype® call with Christophe Ruelle, IMA will present a formal proposal to Ipernity S.A. for takeover of the Ipernity photo-sharing platform (“the platform”) by no later than 30 April 2017. The proposal is in the review stage and will be presented to Ipernity S.A. no later than 6 April 2017. A copy of the proposal will be shared with the membership by no later than the end of the week since formatting issues may take some time because of the inclusion of financial tables. Based on revenue projections and actual operating costs (with anticipated annual increases), as well as the example of Blipfoto®, the platform with its unique features that include but are not limited to “Photos-in-photos,” comment translation, blog forum that allows the use of photographs and illustrations, music and video uploads, retains viability and has a bright future for long-term sustainability even though the first two years will be challenging. Everyone who helped with suggestions, feedback, support, and donations should be proud. Without everyone’s efforts, the site would have been shut down 31 January 2017 with no long-term future. Also as I mentioned before, we can be proud to have achieved a comparable level of donations in two weeks that took Blipfoto® 2 ½ months to realize: $29,180 vs. $35,994 (a figure that excludes revenue raised through the issuance of shares of stock). Annual Profit/Loss Forecasts: Year 1 – 2017-2018: (95 €) to be covered by the reserve established from the initial crowdfunding donations Year 2 – 2018-2019: 60 € Year 3 – 2019-2020: 1,030 € Our forecasts do not include an estimated .5% to 3% revenue enhancement less processing costs and other fees through a permanent crowdfunding presence that will enable members to make optional donations above the membership fee. Blipfoto® also maintains a permanent crowdfunding presence and if it had not been for these donations that exceed 3,000 €, BlipFutureCIC® would not have broken even for the year ended 2016. Please be aware that to date much of the process with re: to timeframe was dictated by Ipernity S.A. and even when our proposal is submitted by no later than 6 April 2017 with the objective of taking over the platform on 30 April 2017, external parties such as the administrator may dictate the final timeframe or even outcome. Nevertheless even though it seems like the process to date has taken an eternity, IMA and Ipernity S.A. are actually operating under a compressed timeframe in comparison to Blipfoto®. The entire process from the inception of uncertainty triggered by liquidation to the site purchase by BlipFutureCIC® took 11 ½ months (March 2015 to 18 February 2016). If all goes well, the entire process from the shutdown notice to the Ipernity platform takeover by IMA will be completed in less than 6 months or nearly half the time. Finally, everyone should be aware that as with any business venture, there are associated risks that range from unanticipated expenses, unforeseen operating issues, potential membership attrition, less than anticipated revenue to the emergence of unforeseen competitors, long-term obsolescence due to technological advancement if the platform remains permanently static without upgrades and reconstruction to outright failure. Nevertheless, the benefits of trying outweigh the cost of simply writing off this unique platform that has fostered a real community of social friendships of people who share a passion from all around the world. If our takeover proposal is approved, which is likely, the destiny of Ipernity will be in everyone’s hands. If everyone lives up to their survey commitment(s), our efforts will succeed. I cannot stress enough that we need everyone’s help since ultimately success or failure in reality will be shared equally among us all. Again much thanks is extended to everyone for enabling us to get this far. p.s. Because of the enormous time requirements to complete these next few steps, I will be unable to participate in groups, extend invitations and comment on photos for the next few days. My apologies go to everyone who has submitted photos to my groups. 5 hours ago.

Have a nice day one and all.


06 April 2017 Update from I M A William Sutherland;

Good morning/afternoon: IMA's proposal was formally submitted to Ipernity S.A. at 10:00 AM GMT. I will work on formatting it tonight to post a copy here. Please know it was created based on statistical analysis, existing costs, economic realities, and standard business practices. We believe it is a fair and equitable offer that protects membership interests and offers a defined path to create the new, viable Ipernity with a sustainable, bright long-term future. The next decision is up to Ipernity S.A.

Have a nice Friday one and all, John.