The ipernity Club

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What are my advantages of becoming a member of the ipernity Club?

By becoming a member of the ipernity Club :

  • you can upload as many photos, videos and docs as you like
  • up to 512 MB ​​per item added!
  • all your items are accessible from the oldest to the newest
  • browsing ad free
  • the ability of color customization of your space
  • your content is down-loadable and you can offer the download to your visitors
  • you get priority customer support

For comparison purposes, here are the limitations applied to free accounts:

  • up to 200 MB of content you can add per month
  • 30 MB max per added item
  • only your 200 latest added content are available (the older items are hidden but are not deleted. They appear again if you become member of the ipernity Club)
  • Some ads may appear on your pages
  • no color customization of your space
  • no ability to download and offer to download your content

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What happens when my Club account expires?

The limits applied to free accounts are once again effective.

This means that only your latest 200 items are accessible and the fact that you are limited to 200 MB per month to add new content.

But don't panic! Your content that is no longer accessible is not deleted. We store them on our servers and they will get displayed again on ipernity once your subscription to the Club has been renewed.

Of course if you delete your account, all your content including those not accessible will be deleted.

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