Frequently Asked Questions

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This project is a team effort by ipernity members, with special thanks to Guido Werner. The initial idea was to address the problem of the badly outdated FAQ system. To do it in the short term. To do it without having to pay our IT experts, nor to waste that money on something to be replaced. By using a set of ipernity's own features, we have is a system that can be updated and added to by ourselves at will, and is outside of the reprogramming.


1. General questions 1.1 What is ipernity? 1.2 Is ipernity a free or a paid service? 1.3 What subscription plans does ipernity offer? 1.4 How do I subscribe? 1.5 How do I renew a subscription? 2. Registration and Sign in 2.1 How to register for free trial? 2.2 What can I do if I have forgotten my password? 2.3 How do I change my login email address? 2.4 How do I change my password? 2.5 Can I login with my Google, Facebook, Yahoo or OpenID account? 3. Uploading content 3.1 How do I upload photos and other…