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How to use ipernity - 9 months ago

Privacy & Sharing Sharing private content outside ipernity , introduced in 2014 Share by email , introduced in 2014 Shooting informations , introduced in 2013 Who is online , introduced in 2013 Navigating Access to your menu , introduced in 2013 Your news pages , introduced in 2014 Lightbox view , introduced in 2014 Navigation on page , introduced in 2014 Customizing Sort your albums into folders , introduced in 2013 Featured albums , introduced in 2013 St…

  • New FAQ under construction

    - March 18, 2019
    Meanwhile, please use the old FAQ , use Ipernity User Help Central group to ask help, or post a ticket to get help from ima team . Also try not to be "off topic" and ask help on ipernity Team blog on issues that are not concerned on the article. We all at ima team and as other users are more than willing to help, but questions scattered around on various blog article comments easily become unnoticed. ~Sami

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Updated on: January  1, 2019.

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