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What is ipernity?

What is ipernity?
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Ipernity is a non-commercial photo-sharing community with its own website. All costs for the operation, maintenance and continuous improvement of the website are covered by membership fees only. No revenue is generated by advertising, data trading or sale of any content. Paying members have voting rights at the yearly general assembly and therefore are involved in important decisions about ipternity's future.

Upload and organize your photos. At ipernity you can upload photos to your account and organize them into albums and folders. Ipernity always stores the original files. So you can get back your photos without loss of quality.

Enrich your photos with additional information. You can add meaningful titles, detailed descriptions and keywords to your photos. This allows you to tell the story behind your photos.

Interact with other members. Ipernity offers a broad array of tools for social interaction. Add other users as your contacts and see their newest content on your personal news page. You can mark as Favorite, the photos of other members and comment on them. Become a member of photo groups or create your own groups.

Write and publish your own blog articles. On ipernity you cannot only upload photos. You can write and publish blog articles, too. And of course you can add your own photos to them.

There is a lot more to learn about ipernity. Curious? Then register for a free trial. For instructions how to do that see the answer to 2.1 How do I register for a free trial?

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