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How do I use the internal ipernity mail system?

How do I use the internal ipernity mail system?
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Important to notice

1) You can send messages only to your contacts with the form that opens from your mailbox.

2) The drafts feature does not currently work as it is supposed to. The content of the saved drafts does not open.

3) Because all but login and personal settings are currently using unsecured connection, it is strongly advised not to use ipernity mail to deliver anything confidential.

4) You will receive also notices from ipernity system, on which you can not reply. Go to your settings or group setting to choose what notices you wish to receive.

5) Remember to choose "TO ALL" if you wish to reply to all on message where's multiple recipients.

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A) General navigation

Sent Messages

1) You get to your ipernity mail system from the letter symbol on top of the page.

2) Choose between "Inbox" (received mail), "Sent mail" and "Drafts".

3) You can select either all the messages on the current page using the top check box on the left, or select various messages with their own check box. Click "Delete" to delete the selected messages. Alternatively, you can delete individual messages using the red X on the right.

4) Click "New message" button to start sending a message to one of your contacts.

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B) Send message to your contacts


1) Either start writing the ipernity nickname of your contact to choose the recipient, or choose from the links to get more of your contacts selected at once. Then deselect those who you do not wish to get included.

2) Add subject.

3) Write content. You can use the same HTML formatting as allowed elsewhere on ipernity posts and comments. But be careful, because there is no option to preview. You can use comments under one of your "Photos" to preview HTML formatting.

4) Click "SEND" button to submit the mail.

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C) Send message to someone who is not yet in your contacts


1) Either go to that user's ipernity homepage or hold the cursor on that user's name to open a pop-up menu.

2) Click "Message" or "Send message" button to open the mail form.

You can add also some of your contacts as recipients before you submit the mail.