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Color your weekend ..

have a colorful.. joyous.. fantastic one, my Friends ! © All rights reserved

Almost time...

class is soon.. drumming for dancers.. ME rhythms.. Santana (use shakeres & tambourine ).. what an evening... sending rhythms to all corners of Mother Earth.. reach as your rhythm floats through the air.. put it in your pocket.. they are re-newable.. Om shanti my Friends.. ©SD All Rights Reserved

Colors of silk ..

flow.. effortlessly.. it seems.. but, the dancer knows .. it has taken a long time.. to make it seem so.. © All rights reserved

Dancing to drumers ..

hair.. adornments.. veil.. tribal fusion sister.. if you blink, you will miss it! poetry in motion... © All rights reserved

Have drums..

will travel... ©SD All Rights Reserved


dancers-to-be ? © All rights reserved

Ready to drum for you... Tampa Tribune, Tampa FL

What a begining..

to a great weekend ! This light photo, taken through the windshield, is a picture of how I felt after the concert by the Kodo Taiko Drummers! Embedded in the Japanese characters for Kodo are- heartbeat, first.. the sound heard in the womb. Second, children of the drum, which reflects Kodo's intent to play the drums simply, as with the heart of a child. Kodo has has performed over 3,100 times in 45 countries since 1981. Their website is: They played with skill; with joy; with heart. some of the above has been paraphrased from the program Kodo, One Earth Tour 2009, March 6, 2009 at Ruth Eckerd Hall, Florida US

T-Man's Drums..

yes, you have to stand to play these two! Wonderful sound... these are Ngoma drums .. © All rights reserved
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