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The Drum Dude ..

spiced up his plain drum ... yes, he is very artsy .. other than drumming .. one day, I'll get photos of all his drum-art ! - artwork by Timbo, the DrumDude ©SD All Rights Reserved

And the music comes out here...

underside of a natural skin drum .. you really can see through these .. but, what a mellow sound .. ©SD All Rights Reserved

SP ?

my camera, but Talisa took the photo, so guess it doesn't count as a self portrait.. but it is close... ready to start on my Raquy Danziger doumbek.. play Ayoub then blend into a Beledi for the beginners.. yes, I had a blast ! © All rights reserved

Oh, the things you do !

.. more years ago than I care to remember, our dance group was invited by a radio station, putting on a benefit, to be the entertainment when the bands changed onstage and did all the set up needed. No problem.. This was when we weren't needed, so the gent in the chair (drink is in front of him), figured it was a good time for some beverages. He had so many, he passed out in the chair! Now, really.. was I supposed to pass up such an opportunity? Hurried into the RV (on the left) and got as many scarves, veils, glitzy stuff as I could find! Decorated him ..or did I ever decorate him! Don't have a photo of when he awoke.. yeah, did that too.. but the look on his face; trying to figure out how all those dance-related items got on him..... Yes, I can drag out a story...not just here, but had the poor guy thinking he had gotten into our stash of veils, .. while "under the influence!" He didn't have another drink the rest of the day! He said that if he had done all that and couldn't remember it, he wasn't touching the stuff again! We never told him how it happened, either! ..taken from a 35mm Vivitar photo - taken by another dancer .. cropped only


created our choreography.. rehearsed.. rehearsed... and then rehearsed.. tried it out on small groups first.. then.. did it for, what we considered, The place.. Festival on the Nile in Orlando FL.. scared... my dance partner was.. just wanted to get it over & return the borrowed red skirt.. our circle veils cover much of the backdrop.. red and gold with white veils.. music... Ravel's Bolero & La Bamba.. my husband put the music together so seamlessly, that it sounded like it was supposed to be like that ! Ah... back in the day... (scanned from 35mm film) © All rights reserved

-purple ( helps her dance better )

Loves to dance and it shows ! Tribal dancer of Troupe Bal Hepsi, enjoying the rhythms of the drummers ! A lovely dancer and a beautiful person.. inside & out ! © All rights reserved

Tribal dancer..

Member of Troupe Bal Hepsi dances to the rhythm of the drums.. © All rights reserved

Why o why ...

do I feel as lopsided as this photo .. we crank up the Circle of Rhythm tonight, after being in limbo for 2 months.. looking for a new home .. I feel like when the Circle first started.... antsy.. heart in the back of my throat.. have gotten snacks, water, juice, coffee... will take ice.. got napkins.. creamer / sugar.. measuring thingy for coffee.. cups for hot and cold... drums are packed.. tambourines, shakers and homemade percussion, too.. got my teaching notes.. will work on 3 Middle Eastern rhythms .. layer the rhythms.. have no idea how many souls will be there.. what their skill level is... Okay... gotta stop this... I'm driving myself nuts ! I will survive.... I am... © All rights reserved

Troupe Bal Hepsi..

dancers graced the re-formed Plant City drum circle, EarthBeats... thanks to all the dancers & drummers.. many thanks to appreciative patrons..
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