Drummers and Dancers

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with a silk veil. Dancing at a Turkish restaurant.

Skirts flying...

Founder's Day Parade in Zephyrhills FL © All rights reserved

#5 Inside of hand-tooled Egyptian leather purse..

the pockets below the mirror, in the bottom section, close by putting the tap through a leather strip. This photo is a bit darker because of lighting.. the lighter brown color is truer to the purse. ©SD All Rights Reserved

#3 Leather purse opened out flat..

.. look at other photos for complete description of this old purse.. ©SD All Rights Reserved

#4 Inside of hand-tooled leather Egyptian purse..

.. there are other photos with this purse. If you can tell me anything of its history, etc., please let me know. ©SD All Rights Reserved

#2 Leather...

fold-over purse / tote. Hand-tooled.. scenes from Egypt. Please look at all the photos & see if you can give me any info for my friend who owns this. Thanks! ©SD All Rights Reserved

#1 Leather...

hand-tooled leather purse. Don't know exactly how old, but a friend gave it to me to see if I can find out. There are several other pictures that will go along with this. If you can give me any info, it would be appreciated.

Out the door.. in the cold car....


The light shines..

through the silk; through the colors; through the energy which gives this silk veil life. © All rights reserved
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