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Circle of Rhythm

May all souls...

be happy, May all souls find peace. May there be peace on this earth.. (Thanks to Jim Donovan, human being & percussionist extraordinaire for these words... not exactly as Jim says it, but close enough that he should get credit ! ) © All rights reserved


Earthy colors .. ---'The Alphabet Site' - the letter T - on a gold lame' veil... a study in contrasts... © All rights reserved

Glitz up those tassels !

.. ribbon, shells and other good stuff to make your tassel 'unique' ! © All rights reserved

Rainbow colors ..

Leave them alone . . . and they multiply like rabbits! A plethora of beads... all sizes,shapes,colors, glitzy or not.. they became part of something exciting! A mustt for tassels ! © All rights reserved

The beginings...

of glitzy, earth tassel..

Quote from Rumi...

Fringe, shawls & silk...

in a basket with tassel making goodies.

Splash of color..

red fringed shawl over a green basket filled with shakeres, tambourines, beads and yarn for tassel making.
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