Drummers and Dancers

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Sweeping Skirt Layers...

She sweeps multiple skirts across the floor as the drummers give her a steady rhythm... © All rights reserved

Backbend with her dance partner..

.. graceful couple .. tribal dancer with Troupe Bal Hepsi & her partner © All rights reserved

Dance Partner...

.. a dancer of Troupe Bal Hepsi enters with her dance partner.. .. behind her, the wall is treated to look like stacks & stacks of newspapers, at the Daily Grind & News, which is closing in 2 weeks.. .. EarthBeats guru was informed of this just before closing.. .. the coffeeshop just opened.. geesh! .. now, Aember, EarthBeats guru, is searching for another location.. © All rights reserved

Tribal bellydancer...

caught her in the middle of a turn.. a member of Troupe Bal Hepsi.. all are extremely talented, nice ladies ! ©SD All Rights Reserved

A few...

of the hand drums.. © All rights reserved

Drumming for dancers...

Troupe Bal Hepsi danced at the first EarthBeats Drum Circle in Plant City.. Talented, colorful, awesome ladies.. Have a greaqt weekend, my Flickr Friends.. Including you, Brittany !

Rainbow building - orange -

Put your glad-rags on & have a night out ! What: EarthBeats Drum & Dance Circle Where: The Daily Grind & News 101 E. J Arden Mays Plant City, Florida, USA.. Across from McCall Park (where the Car Show is held).. Down the street from the Whistlestop Cafe'.. When: Tonight.... June 19 at 7pm, please stop in and say Hi ! if you are in the area... I'll be drumming.. wearing red, gold & orange glitz! Always have extra instruments... Come introduce yourself to me ! Nu'riah, the dancer / drummer in the photo has put this back together after the original coffeeshop closed. It promises to be off the wall tonight ! Dancers, drummers, patrons (who have no idea what to expect !)... -- update -- this establishment has closed (sigh) again ! 2010 © All rights reserved

Aylah - -

.. slowly .. mysteriously .. a vision approaches .. gentle hands .. deep seeing eyes .. captivating those who see the elegance & talent of this bellydancer © All rights reserved ( Archives from Plant City, Florida )

Glitz for drummers !

photo: courtesy of Aguilar Productions
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