Good place to rest...


.. place to rest .. people watch .. enjoy a beautiful view .. a bench seats at least two people .. made of wood, stone, metal - all photos taken by Peggy C (c) All Rights Reserved

Bench-level ...

two benches from 2010 Winter Haven, Florida in Central Park Drum circles held there Sculptures in different areas Community events And - A Florida-style mountain of snow ! Winter in Florida is something one gets used to .. 1st year, it was Carols while I was barefoot .. It seemed odd to a person from North Carolina .. Where December was snow, cold and that sort .. Loved it for the green .. If one wanted to see leaves change color .. Go hunt for a tree ! No, am not kidding .. There was one tree .. Not far from our home .. Actually changed color .. So, here is this person taking pics of that tree .. [ it's in here someplace ] * 1 PiP * Yes, got some curious looks .. But, if it is there -- take a pic ! © All Rights Reserved

Candid -

Thoughts ... some souls have - [ shadows linked to previous photo in "Another Link in the Chain"] others have not - a meal - just something to fill one to make the hunger stop - this transportation & everything with it, belongs to a gentleman who stopped in the park to rest - drink from the water fountain nearby - is it just me, or does the contrast of his simple possessions strike a nerve when looking at the modern vehicle in the background - just some thoughts ... but, no answers ... Canon PowerShot SX20 IS / Digital © All rights reserved

handmade . .

.. in the North Carolina mountains .. Blue Ridge Parkway .. stopped to look inside The Trading Post .. but, Mother Nature .. was in-form, as always .. the red in the reflection .. are hanging plants - taken in 2010 - Canon PowerShot SX20 IS cropped / signed in: © All Rights Reserved

The Trading Post ..

NC mountains .. RLC Photos 2010 SOOC

framed ..

benches in Cary NC .. nestled beneath large trees .. pond nearby .. for fishing .. boating .. or people watching .. and the occasional photog or two .. edited in: © All Rights Reserved

Double seating ..

- benches at Burlington City Park - Burlington NC USA - just outside the Dentzel Carousel - wonderful spot for Mom & Dad to watch the youngsters - think my favorite ride was the Rabbit ! © All rights reserved

Not just any benches ...

these are just outside the Dentzel Carousel in Burlington City Park .. Burlington, North Carolina USA .. beautifully carved and colorful animals .. this would be a good spot .. for Unicorn watching .. and people, too .. © All rights reserved

On the campus...

Elon University in Elon College, NC ... a bench waits for us to rest ... let's make a date .. there are many benches (of course there are photos) .. we can all find room ! SOOC #42 Project 52 © All rights reserved

on campus ..

- in black and white - just outside - one of the stately buildings with large columns - well placed benches - inviting styles - on a beautiful campus edited in: © All Rights Reserved
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