Good place to rest...


.. place to rest .. people watch .. enjoy a beautiful view .. a bench seats at least two people .. made of wood, stone, metal - all photos taken by Peggy C (c) All Rights Reserved

Image in B & W ...

Prayer for the Earth I pledge Mother Earth as my one country . . I pledge Humanity as my one people . . I pledge Life as my religion . . I pledge Love as my prayer . . I pledge Peace and Freedom as my birthright and the birthright of all humanity . . My heart beats one with all my Relations . . ~PeggyC © All rights reserved

- the sign says 'Reserved'

is that for Faculty parking - or bench sitting - of course, nobody was around to answer - this is part of Florida Southern College campus - before you ask .. have no idea what that building is - so, if You do know - go ahead and ID it ! cropped / sized in: © All Rights Reserved

Could you sleep here ?

Taking a nap before the drum class, this was too good a shot to not take ! Yes, the subject knows it was taken, but I've altered this a bit "to protect his identity" ! Will tell you, though - he's a very talented drummer! © All rights reserved

- a private bench ?

AA15 -- Archive Airings: Setting Boundaries .. from this perspective, it seems to be so .. but, this bench is just outside an Assisted Living Facility .. surely don't want any of the residents to wander off .. then the staff would really be worried ! .. as it is, the residents can go out an sit in the sun .. if they want .. it does look like bars, though SOOC © All Rights Reserved

Bench-seekers ..

benchenistas .. benchismos ... Benches of the World .. seeking benches from .. all corners of the Earth ! © All Rights Reserved

Reminds me of a worn wooden fence ..

nice to look at ... but, that's it .. not very sturdy looking .. but - many stories have seeped into the fibers of the wood slats ... © All rights reserved Tried to straighten this, but lost the bench legs -- figured it wasn't worth it..

- a bench or two a shopping center .. sit a bit .. while your friend hit the shops .. just be sure that friend brings .. something cool for you to drink! SOOC (c)All Rights Reserved

No excuses, now !

Day 14 of the Make Over .. 'The Bench" has arrived ... on a bed of crushed limestone .. you have a spot to rest when you visit ! © All rights reserved

- it was

a nice bench to sit on - take photos of the yard - and a black Rascal Catt - or any others who came to visit - this was in Florida - the bench is still there - we are not - some things you just don't take with you - (c) All Rights Reserved
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