Good place to rest...


.. place to rest .. people watch .. enjoy a beautiful view .. a bench seats at least two people .. made of wood, stone, metal - all photos taken by Peggy C (c) All Rights Reserved

whatever your style . .

- there is a bench - for people watching - reading - taking photos - wood - stone - metal - fancy - plain - in a quiet place - or - in the middle of it all - choices - there are always choices Have a wonderful day, my Friends ~ edited in: © All Rights Reserved

No, it wasn't me !

- well, not all me ----- 'Another Link in the Chain' -- linking something to sit in with something to stand on -- - ducks and those gulls - leave messy places, too - even seen some Muscovies up here - but, this is my bench - that other guy is a cousin - you know, the one standing on one leg on a yellow bench - ah ha ! - you didn't think I knew my colors - oh, lady-with-black-box, I could tell you a thing or two - but, I'm an Ibis of few words - really - but a word of advice ... bring something to sit on cropped/signed in: © All Rights Reserved

- take your pick

of where to rest .. the green bench (made in July 1986) is in Oldtown .. checkered picnic-style .. also, in Oldtown .. Oldtown [ Old Town ] is a "theme park" with rides, shopping, restaurants .. back in the day, I enjoyed it for the old Florida charm of KeyWest .. now, it is just another place catering to tourists .. so, since I live(d) in Florida .. never did the 'tourist' thing .. wooden curved back bench .. inside the Ramada Gateway motel .. Kissimmee FL collage created in: © All Rights Reserved

more than . .

- just a place to rest - more than color or form - so much more edited in: 2012 Florida/Oldtown © All Rights Reserved

come, sit at the old train station..

- on this unusual bench - the Plant City Union Depot was built in 1908-1909 - it operated until 1971 - 1975, the Depot was added to the US Register of Historic Places - yet, one can sit on this bench or view from inside - CSX trains which still go by - rattling this Historic building - there is a YouTube clip of four trains going by in 30 min. - oh, and another cutting the Strawberry Festival Parade in half - I do like trains - just have reservations about the 'suits' edited in: about Amtrak: © All Rights Reserved

a bench of red ..

.. a bench in the sun .. taken 23May2012 .. outside a department store (c) All Rights Reserved

- my bench

yes, birds do stake out a bench .. standing on one leg .. watching that the human keeps her distance .. amusing .. usually, it is a Muscovy .. enjoying the day .. people watching .. this time, it is Fred .. you know him -- Fred Ibis edited in: © All Rights Reserved

wait up !

.. to the left, out of the photo .. someone showed up with food ! .. don't know any ducks who turn down a hand-out edited in: © All Rights Reserved

Flight plan ?

- this 'chrome mosquito' - is downtown - one of the sculptures on Lemon St - some are very abstract - no doubt with this one - yes - bugs are larger in Florida - B-52 sizes sometimes - let's just call this one - artistic license ! edited in: © All rights reserved
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