Good place to rest...


.. place to rest .. people watch .. enjoy a beautiful view .. a bench seats at least two people .. made of wood, stone, metal - all photos taken by Peggy C (c) All Rights Reserved

Aflutter ..

have been trying to get these Monarch beauties while nectaring .. but, when you see them .. you start shooting .. this was taken through my window .. heavy crop .. © All rights reserved

For me ?

- just flew by and landed on the bench - there are several families - this one was quite vocal .. singing so I wouldn't miss her ! SOOC -signed © All rights reserved

Thoughts ...

discussions .. hopes and dreams .. have settled into my wood fibers .. not just any kind .. that which holds secure .. unless you give permission for me to send them .. into the breezes around me .. just let me know .. sit with me anytime .. pour your heart out .. share the joys .. I understand .. © All rights reserved

Shade, Palms and ..

a bench at the bus stop .. SOOC -signed only © All rights reserved

from under ..

- a wooden bench -- The Alphabet Site --"u" - vanishing point - details © All rights reserved

Rock On !

a rocker built for two ! hmm -- would that make it a bench-rocker .. or a rockin'-bench ? what do you think it should be called ? © All rights reserved

lake view ...

- unless you are looking at the photog - that food thing again - would think the feeders around the lake - were sufficient - and balanced as far as diet goes - opportunists with feathers SOOC © All Rights Reserved

Phoggy ..

fotography morning ... bench level & the fog still rolls in .. SOOC © All rights reserved

Yes, guarding this bench is my job ..

..a Lab figurine, decorated for the Season, guards the bench just inside the door ..draped across the back, is a Cathedral quilt ..and oh, so cleverly placed for a photo op ..bags of freshly picked oranges & grapefruit ! © All rights reserved
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