Good place to rest...


.. place to rest .. people watch .. enjoy a beautiful view .. a bench seats at least two people .. made of wood, stone, metal - all photos taken by Peggy C (c) All Rights Reserved

- in the mirror

reflection of a bench .. windows .. doorway .. plants .. even a parked car .. lamp .. edited in: Windows and Doors competition ** © All rights reserved

Urban Landscapes -

dPS Weekly Assignment - Urban Landscapes - since lakes are an important part of my city - featuring one in the Landscapes - Urban, makes sense to me - across the lake [ left side ], is a festival - the pink elephant [ building ] is the Power Company [ you can go pay your bill ], if you want to do it in person - other buildings - parking garage - refurbished hotel - apartment buildings - offices - business locations - coffee shops - restaurants - - framed in : - signed in : picMonkey © All rights reserved

A park . .

.. in the center of town .. impossible to pass .. without taking at least .. one photo .. peaceful spot to rest .. and watch people .. autos .. or sit and read © All rights reserved

.. a reflection walking

- by the restaurant window ---- Another Link in the Chain -- connecting reflection walking to reflection in window ------ - seems to be deep in thought - who knows what is turning over in his mind - could be as simple - as 'why did I eat all that?' - could have taken some home for later - but, darn - food surely is good there - where did he possibly eat - Harry's Seafood Bar and Grille - imagination created this story - have no idea who he is - why he is walking by - but - imagination is great ~ © All rights reserved

Tilting at windmills ?

- yes, my dear Friend (M) - Dutch Angle to the max - this is the other side of the lake - where the Gator was sunning himself - signed only * SOOC © All rights reserved

.. a bench for a soul to rest

- Florida Southern College is a campus in Central Florida - home of the largest collection of Frank Lloyd Wright buildings - wonder how FLW would design a bench - edited in © All rights reserved

A bench of interest ..

- asked him what he was fishing for - he said "Bass" - all I know is he has a fishing rod (really 2) - what I know about fishing would fit on a hook with a lot of room left over ! - said something about all the Apple snail shells that I was seeing - Mr Blue Shirt said some people use the snails for bait - not me - won't be digging any snail out of his home - period - guess you can tell that I don't fish ! - this is one of my fave benches & now it has blue on it - thanks Mr Blue Shirt (he was very nice to talk with) Canon PowerShot SX20 IS / Digital EXIF data available © All rights reserved

Marching Orders ..

.. there is order in the pavers in the walk .. order in the design of the building .. down this city path .. the trees accept their Marching Orders .. like sentries of the walk .. tall trunks .. straight .. bent .. softly falling fronds of Palms .. branches at angles to each other .. leaves scattered like an after-thought .. there is Order midst the casual laid-back feel .. downtown © All rights reserved

Warning !

- looked for a band aid - none around - just thought you should know - this "could be harmful to your health" © All rights reserved
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