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  • The ridiculous figure of the stars - A figura ridícula das estrelas

    - 4 days ago - 8 comments
    The ridiculous figure of the stars
    I look so lengthy to the stars that I close my eyes and feel them inside they populate me. Why there would be the cosmic space where stars are mere burning items of decoration? I want to think and the stars pester me absolutes stupids scintillating. Olho as estrelas tão demoradamente que fecho os olhos e sinto-as dentro de mim povoam-me. Por que será o espaço cósmico onde as e…

  • Clean words - Palavras limpas

    - June 21, 2020 - 7 comments
    My 2nd book
    Text every time more laconic and simple without drama nor pain trickle of crystalline water depurated by life everyone should drink. Clean words like recent tear plain like naked body precise like frequent pain undressed till being a bird inside the emotion naked words fly through the never coming joy into the past sensation is difficult they fly forever. Blank sheet lette…

  • The souls ramble - As almas vagueiam

    - June 14, 2020 - 4 comments
    Paris, Basilique du Sacré-Coeur, the faithful (1)
    In the bodies' loneliness the souls ramble useless discontented waiting for the poets who provide them a doubtful destiny. Na solidão dos corpos as almas vagueiam inúteis descontentes à espera dos poetas que lhes dão destino incerto. by Armando TABORDA, in "PALAVRAS, MÚSICAS E BLASFÉMIAS QUE ENVELHEÇO NA CIDADE", Ulmeiro Editores,…

  • A thrill of swell - Frémito de ondulação

    - June  7, 2020 - 7 comments
    Lisboa, interior garden
    In the roots of all garden's grass stands a water´s dream ecstasy of sea a thrill of swell. /// Na raiz da relva de todos os jardins perdura um sonho de água delírio de mar frémito de ondulação. by Armando TABORDA, in "PALAVRAS, MÚSICAS E BLASFÉMIAS QUE ENVELHEÇO NA CIDADE", Ulmeiro Editores, 1996 (post 1st edition, 2007; 2nd edition, 2018; 3rd edition, 2020)

  • Navigation - Navegação

    - May 31, 2020 - 4 comments
    Algarve,  Quarteira, sea sidewalk
    The navigation begins at the end of the day and slows down by night full of loneliness the global nothing inside empty eye sockets even from blue eyes the sky also without colour that the optical illusion sees blue everywhere or maybe green upon my word it is certainly the colour of the sea navigation's abyss and from the salvage we can only hear the whisper of surf. A…

  • Drift - À deriva

    - May 24, 2020 - 15 comments
    Praia de Mira, beach
    The sea is an ocean's arm and the ocean an earth's body spacecraft without astrolabe or sextant nor science of sails winds and currents drifted in the infinity's tides looking for what seaport or yacht club for an intermediate stop in the space where everything happens as if was nothing? O mar é braço de oceano e o oceano corpo da terra nave sem astrolábio nem se…

  • Springtime - Primavera

    - May 16, 2020 - 6 comments
    Serra da Estrela, brooms
    Springtime blue afternoon fits the golden bodies with satin's caresses strangely the adults of unbearable tenderness smile to winged children. Primavera tarde azul veste os corpos dourados em carícias de cetim inexplicavelmente os adultos de incontida ternura sorriem às crianças aladas. by Armando TABORDA, in "PALAVRAS, MÚSICAS E…

  • Writing on sand - Escrever na areia

    - May  8, 2020 - 8 comments
    Algarve, Praia Arrifana
    I never become tired of writing on sand words erased by tides WRITING LIGHT SOUND DREAM LOVE MYSTERY LIFE DEATH sharp credible suddenly dissolved by the water's embrace of the moon and the wind in perpetual movement. Não me canso de escrever na areia palavras que as marés apagam ESCRITA LUZ SOM SONHO AMOR MISTÉRIO VIDA…

  • Spontaneous semen - Sémen espontâneo

    - May  1, 2020 - 19 comments
    There Is No Clever Reason to Hide My Heart
    In the long night veins nerves muscles scars and other tissues throb on me spontaneous semen as a water thread drop by drop oozed on my stone's abdomen. Petrified in granite I shine from quartz crystals will-o'-the-wisp over the sleeping grave where I bury myself. Appropriately I get older through this mineral mutation towards the ether where I float serene in a spacecraft of smiling light as the sl…

  • Liberty - Liberdade

    - April 26, 2020 - 7 comments
    April 24th, 1974
    From the to be or not to be discussion the liberty was still feasible. Obscurantist spikes germinated on the fields among tired arms of the classes struggle machines reaped everything. In the factory production graphs expressed the boss' exploitation soon after there were no graphs neither production nor boss. Cybernetics was ignored in the impasse either for budget deficit or by any growing excess of ignorance in the city.…

  • Might be today - Poderá ser hoje

    - April 17, 2020 - 17 comments
    Might be today the unconscious stream of words on the piece of paper
    Might be today the unconscious stream of words on the piece of paper. The text generates itself awakes in the day's routine adjusts to repeated acts which push the poet into the street. Words line up grammatically arranged the expresso at the counter of the corner's coffee shop formats the text the random poem keeps written. Could be kept into the drawer like others.…

  • Heat - Calor

    - April  9, 2020 - 7 comments
    Turning Me Bloodless
    Heat urgent necessity of poros losing salt minerals and water torrent of me lava turning me bloodless as a Playboy girl with legs in pose without a flash smile nor retouch where knees seem islands in a sheets' sea. Calor necessidade de poros que me percam sal sais e água torrente de mim lava que me deixe exangue de perna estendida como girl do Playboy sem sorriso em flash nem retoque onde os joelhos pareçam ilhas em mar de lençóis.…

  • Existence - Existência

    - April  2, 2020 - 8 comments
    Friends (illustration)
    Existence is this living while everything fades away joy pain unexpected air or poison we breathe. Friends artificially laugh and stray from crying with us. Existence is this living all moments whatever they are they are ours egoistically ours either the friends turn up o…

  • Aging - Velhice

    - March 31, 2020 - 1 comment
    Broad Belt
    Premature aging in times of imposed generosity while the sweat flows off from the axillas to be strangled by the broad belt in a salty spot white as a glide thought dying stain at the combat uniform. Velhice prematura no tempo da generosidade imposta quando o suor escorre das axilas até onde o cinturão o estrangula em mancha de sal branca como pensamento que desliza e morre nódoa no uniforme de combate. by Armando TABORDA, in "MA…

  • White Rumours - Rumores Brancos

    - March 24, 2020 - 5 comments
    Angola, 1966-1968
    White rumours crack in the afternoon's hot perch as birds on the barbed wire tear and spill sperm of blood's grass on the parched soil stems grow up and dance by nightfall in the winds' blowing that bring clouds asphyxiating like feline's claws in the throat. Rumores brancos estalam no calor da tarde poisam como pássaros em arame farpado rasgam-se e vertem sémen de capim de sangue no ressequido do s…

  • Times change - Mudam-se os tempos

    - March 15, 2020 - 10 comments
    Bajocunda, Guinea Bissau
    Times are changing as do our wills yesterday I went from Bajocunda to Pirada wishing to come back to Lisboa. All changes except this perennial agony over my naked and sweaty body that a rolled towel in the waist dresses me and a fan in velocity three appeases. Why I combat and get tired in a war that' s not mine? Politicians the sons of a bitch don't know neither dream that Guinea is stagnant since Teixeira Pinto or they know…

  • Night - Noite

    - March  9, 2020 - 4 comments
    VIOLA DELTA, Volume XXIII,  Mic Editors & Authors, April, 1997
    NIGHT I ask to the gloomy night where are the remains of the day? Clearly by day shades are darker than at night. (to read the original Portuguese version please click on the figure) Illustration by Fernando Grade In "VIOLA DELTA", Volume XXIII, April, 1997 (post 1 st edition, 2009; 2nd edition, 2017; 3rd edition, 2020)

  • God - Deus

    - March  5, 2020 - 3 comments
    Creation of Adam, detail
    God appears through the music that transcends us overlapping the text poem context from the very thought in melodies sounds invisible rhythm universal anti-matter chaotic emotion surfing without any meaning through days and nights of our solitude. Deus revela-se na música que nos transcende e se sobrepõe ao texto poema contex…

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