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  • Two in morning - Duas da manhã

    - 5 days ago - 2 comments
    The Melody of Silence (illustration)
    Two in morning it's time to face my night´s remains shadows combine with the light coming up from the avenue into the room where I am seated sometimes one or another noise passes through double-glasses windows this is my sound-proofing solitude there is no background music and consequently there will stay the melody of silence rocking my night's remains.…

  • The navigation starts by nightfall - A navegação começa ao fim do dia

    - November 30, 2019 - 1 comment
    Surf's Whisper (illustration)
    The navigation starts by nightfall and slows down at night magnificent of solitude global nothing at the empty sockets even from blue eyes the sky also uncoloured once the optical illusion sees blue everywhere or maybe green upon my word this is certainly the sea's colour navigation's abyss and from salvages one can only hear the surf's whisper.…

  • In the space's cradle - No berço do espaço

    - November 27, 2019 - 8 comments
    Space Sleep
    I wait the mildness of a quite night for my pain fall asleep in the space's cradle I may yawn before an opera of stars the music is always the same celestial chorus dumb virtual the space immense fits light-years of distance and my pain strident real so small that fits inside me waits the mildness of a quite night to fall asleep in the space's cradle. Espero a brandura de uma noite c…


    - November 19, 2019 - 2 comments
    Cold tears persistent diamonds or opala that runs on veins masses and nodules glide on the windowpane and get lost in the oblivion ditch I look and see flowers girls at window whiskey books and I think reality that temps and moves us isn't always the one that's within our reach Lágrimas frias persistentes diamantes ou opala que corre em veios massas e nódulos deslizam na vidraça e perdem-se na valeta do esquecimento Olho e vejo flores meninas à janela uísqu…

  • Raining - Chuva

    - November 13, 2019 - 10 comments
    Rainy Wall
    Eyes of wet rain face of frozen wind body of lost soul at the price o rain in the wind's taste. Olhos de chuva molhados rosto de vento gelado corpo de alma perdido ao preço da chuva ao sabor do vento. by Armando TABORDA, in "MANUAL DO DESPERDÍCIO", Ceres Editora, 1994 (post 1st edition, 2012; 2nd edition, 2019)

  • Simple vibration - Simples vibração

    - November  7, 2019 - 5 comments
    When Convictions Die
    I believe in life interpreted from one thing to another more than simple vibration necessity dissatisfied desire halo not from saint charisma but sound light colour mystery. I believe and currently I want the great ball of needs with an eccentric smile as an axis. I believe and I want to feel that is enough my confidence on your morphology attentive part of me when the paradox is that you see at the mirror your adult's conscience and independent body's beauty and everything cause you ha…

  • Day of Dead - Dia dos Mortos

    - October 31, 2019 - 7 comments
    Day of the Dead
    It rains the Day of Dead is there the memory we keep of them becomes more liquid in this humid apathy at cemeteries flowers will stay exuberant for longer. Chove o Dia dos Mortos está aí a memória que deles temos fica mais líquida nesta apatia húmida nos cemitérios as flores ficarão viçosas por mais tempo. by Armando TABORDA, 2012 (post 1st edition, 2012; 2nd edition, 2016; 3rd edition, 2019)


    - October 28, 2019 - 5 comments
    Light leaves weak shadows badly drawn on the walls rain falls poorly but there will be a heavy shower by mid-afternoon workers on the scaffolding of the opposite building gather at the works dockyard cars slow down the avenue windshield wipers oscillating no pedestrians on sidewalks just open umbrellas that hurry in my living room comfort I'm electrocuted by a mettalic gray sky that doesn't kill but blinds stunned I blink the melancholy of the day and record in this petty t…

  • Cumeré

    - October 21, 2019 - 8 comments
    Quay-bridge on Geba River
    I assume the responsibility of watching a dreams' parade just now that the whole conquested liberties guarantee to me the right of indifference and the nocturnal breeze over the quay-bridge on River Geba provides me comfort enough. There are lights in the Ilhéu do Rei and Cumeré and in the boats navigating far away giving significance to the obscure space where I find myself illuminated on the cement breakwater in love with wh…


    - October 14, 2019 - 11 comments
    LOOK AT ME I will lose everything the day and the night the sea and the sky the joy and the pain the temple and the house the water and the wine and The Bread? the metaphor and the text the thought and the dream the sin and the virtue GOD and DEVIL the family and the world and The Love? the senses and the instinct the real and the virtual the humility and the ego the instant and the time the life and the death and The Eternity? Necessarily I am done so you?…

  • Mineral mutation - Mutação mineral

    - October  7, 2019 - 5 comments
    Slow Mineralization
    In the long night veins nerves muscles scars and other tissues throb on me spontaneous sperm like a water spring drop by drop oozed on a stone's abdomen. Petrified in granite I shine quartz crystals will-o'-the-wisp over the sleep tomb where I bury myself. Adequately I get older through the mineral mutation to the ether where I float serene in a ship of light' smile as the slow mineralization of my body was et…

  • Bottleneck - Estrangulamento

    - September 29, 2019 - 3 comments
    Wtiting flows slower and slower through the bottlenecks of my atheresclerosis one of these days nor the "h" of my ashes has any use A escrita flui cada vez mais lenta pelos estrangulamentos de minha ateroesclerose um dia destes nem o ponto no "i" de minhas cinzas se aproveita by Armando TABORDA, 2019 (photo taken from Internet; edited by Armando TABORDA)

  • Arizona

    - September 27, 2019 - 3 comments
    Ostentatiously I Confront The God That Will Annul Me
    I concentrate myself in love with the flat and dry Arizona's land of far away mountains beautifully dignified by the generous American sun illuminating my endless landscape my circumstantial mistress. Here I save and dissolve the all-nothing that boils me and irradiates a strange energy maybe generator of the same silence that lead God to create the world. Ostentatiously I confront the God that will annul me gratuitously by a serene evening…

  • Insomnia - Insónia

    - September 20, 2019 - 3 comments
    He came at last from insomnia and stomach heartburn wasn't foreseen he was a dream to dream forget and fall asleep. Por último veio era de insónia e azia no estômago nada faria prever que fosse um sonho para sonhar esquecer e adormecer. by Armando TABORDA, i n "PALAVRAS, MÚSICAS E BLASFÉMIAS QUE ENVELHEÇO NA CIDADE", Ulmeiro Editores, 1996 (post 1st edition, 2011; 2nd edition, 2017; 3rd edition, 2019)

  • My Dream of Crystal - Meu Sonho de Cristal

    - September 12, 2019 - 17 comments
    Frédéric Chopin
    Since fifty years now my night is flooded by Frédéric Chopin music I think there was little change in my condition my pores become thick of emotion this damned absolute beauty so close to be met as before I feel life is better than spilled anguish in cascade of sounds petrified but unintentionally I am tempted to forget my dream of crystal. Como há cinquenta anos atrás inundo minha noite com música de Frédéric Chopin e penso que minha condição pouco mudou…

  • Sea - Mar

    - September  4, 2019 - 8 comments
    VIOLA DELTA, Volume XL, Mic Editors & Authors, June, 2005
    SEA I feel the sea weight in every hidden crying algae roll round legs of all paths my eyes blink iodine's rumours promise of beach so that all sea can be seen in the distance weightless on its bed. (to read the original Portuguese version please click on the figure) (text illustrated by Fernando Grade)…

  • Anywhere - Em Qualquer Lugar

    - September  1, 2019 - 7 comments
    Lost Time (illustration)
    I stay here for a short time may it be so time is pressing my will to be lost here there over there infinitely anywhere. (to read the original Portuguese version please click on the figure) by Armando TABORDA, in "SINFONIA EM DOR MENOR", Edição Escola de Mar, 2007 (post 1st edition, 2009; 2nd edition, 2017;…

  • Republic Avenue, II - Avenida da República, II

    - August 27, 2019 - 11 comments
    POETÂNEA 5, Edition by the Authors, 2006 September
    Avenida da República, II The noises repeat themselves in the avenue and also the light as yesterday the traffic's death rattle in the lane the steps' drag on the sidewalk the talks' murmur at the outdoor coffee shop the exposed navels over slipped trousers of fat girls the works on the underground the blind persons with offensive moneyboxes the empty offices before the lunch…

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