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  • Wrinkles - Rugas

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    I'm getting older in the city (1)
    I feel the sun in the wrinkles of my hands empty of light the shadows are on the fingers rings sparkling morning. Sinto o sol nas rugas de minhas mãos vazias de luz as sombras são nos dedos anéis que refulgem manhã. by Armado TABORDA, in "PALAVRAS, MÚSICAS E BLASFÉMIAS QUE ENVELHEÇO NA C…

  • Destiny of shadows - Destino de sombras

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    Fire of Life (illustration)
    Nothing justifies our destiny of shadows neither fire nor flame or ember we just burn sparks jumping out the fire crackle for instants and scintillate in the smoke that extinguishes them. (to read the original Portuguese version please click on the figure) by Armando TABORDA, in "SINFONIA EM DOR MENOR", Edição Escola de Mar, 2007 (1st e…

  • Home - Minha Casa

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    VIOLA DELTA, Volume XXXVII, Mic Editors & Authors, June, 2004
    HOME In the afternoon I worry about the nightfall and ask to myself What have I done? Invisible dust moves around and covers furniture and other beds ground carpet mosaic thought somewhere strained by a beam of light dust becomes a whirl of visible particles flying again without d…

  • Stone Pillar - Padrão

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    Discoveries, Cape Town Bay, old map
    I go with the flow everyday I look for islands and continents previously discovered with brand new navigational techniques Latina sail sextant compass and clean sky for my orientation through the stars here I go along the coast afterwards I…

  • Might be today - Poderá ser hoje

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    Might be today the unconscious stream of words on the piece of paper
    Might be today the unconscious stream of words on the piece of paper. The text generates itself awakes in the day's routine adjusts to repeated acts which push the poet into the street. Words line up grammatically arranged the expresso at the counter of the corner's coffee shop formats the text the random poem keeps written. Could be kept into the drawer like others.…

  • I Get Lost - Ando Perdido

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    The Alley Rest Of  My Body
    I get lost in crossed ways complex deflections infinite trails I don't go back nor get away from the future of uncertain ways complex fears infinite dreams. Determined I carry on and stumble I fall to the ground and become moribund herald of incoming time my face drowns into the shadow and the sun at the back of my image empty of soul in crossed ways complex deflections infinite trails illuminates the alley rest of my body. Ando perdido por c…


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  • Noah's Ark - Arca de Noé

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    Noahs' Ark
    No land in sight I hear the rain falling on the roof but cause I didn't foresee the overflows plaguing the world my solitude is singing like a canary in a cage waiting for the Deluge /// Sem terra à vista ouço a chuva a cair no telhado mas porque não previ as inundações que assolam o mundo a minha solidão canta como um canário na gaiola à espera do Dilúvio by Armando TABORDA, 2014 (1st edition, 2014; 2nd edition 2018)

  • Drift - À deriva

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    Praia de Mira, beach
    The sea is an ocean's arm and the ocean an earth's body spacecraft without astrolabe or sextant nor science of sails winds and currents drifted in the infinity's tides looking for what seaport or yacht club for an intermediate stop in the space where everything happens as if was nothing? O mar é braço de oceano e o oceano corpo da terra nave sem astrolábio nem se…

  • Initial Silence - Silêncio Inicial

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    Sobral de Monte Agraço, Church of S. Quintino, aisle (2)
    Initial silence we can only hear the words since a few millennia now. The first sound was violent inaudible in the void where the cosmos was born followed by the first cell's reproduction whisper the primate' s queal the man' speaking the writing philosophical regeneration of the mystery. Necessarily God doubts spill down stained glasses in the aisles and chapels of the temple where the evolu…

  • Self-portrait - Auto-retrato

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    Self-portrait I see you. Arch's illusion from poor eyebrows concise eyes like pin's heads animate your stone' smooth face thin lips of tense irony draw your mouth where dreams die. Pipe smokes your smells flowing liquids long throat down. You get lost in the mirror. Face. (to read the Portuguese version of this text please click on the above picture) In "SonhoGrafias",…

  • Cancer - Cancro

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    Evelina, my first wife (1)
    The cancer is born without a cry sudden and perverse blossom beauty of killing poppies which liquefy the body rough red sea of pain by seconds minutes hours days months years centuries millennia eternity in the heart pulse and tears drop by drop fallen on surviving flowers at the greenhouse of our disguised astonishment. P.S. Life goes on. Eternity has no time nor meani…

  • Solitude - Solidão

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    Wake Up By Dawn
    You that feel solitude as belonging only to you let the time goes by cause there are more persons who love non-existent silences dawns slow coming to whom don't want wake up thoughts that stay by night alone without moonlight and there also are more persons who want to realize moments desire of fresh water manure' smell in the fields. You that feel solitude as belonging only to you let the stream flow wake up by dawn your thoughts are poems in our nights alone without moonlight.…

  • Red Wine - Vinho Tinto

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    With a glass of red wine I greet the travel by the intermediate stop of life's heartburn. The soul just becomes happy with a place inside the body. The hidden of my compass turns 360º looking for which North? How long this ardour will burn the soul's painless? Com um copo de vinho tinto saúdo a viagem com escala na azia da vida. A alma contenta-se com um lugar no corpo. O recôndito de minha bússola gira 360º à procura de que Norte? Por q…

  • A Bit of Sky - Um Pouco de Céu

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    A Bit of Sky
    From home I see a bit of sky sometimes there are too many grey clouds so the blue changes into the colour of my deadlock light chains me against the wall sequins fall down the sky illuminating my night cocaine I hope till morning with a bit of blue sky behind bars of my jail. De minha casa vejo um pouco de céu às vezes há tantas nuvens cinzentas que o azul fica da cor do meu beco sem saída a luz acorrenta-me à parede lantejoulas caem do tecto iluminando mi…

  • In the space's cradle - No berço do espaço

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    Space Sleep
    I wait the mildness of a quite night for my pain fall asleep in the space's cradle I may yawn before an opera of stars the music is always the same celestial chorus dumb virtual the space immense fits light-years of distance and my pain strident real so small that fits inside me waits the mildness of a quite night to fall asleep in the space's cradle. Espero a brandura de uma noite c…

  • Guardian Angel - Anjo da Guarda

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    L'Ange Dubitatif à Lisbonne (4)
    My guardian angel turns over my tingling ears he wants to warn on the traps that wait and lose me or just tell that I exist in my diaphanous uselessness each time more ephemeral looking after the transfer from the nothing I am to the all I will be. Meu anjo da guarda volteja por sobre minhas orelhas febris quer alertar-me das ciladas que me esperam e perdem ou simp…

  • Republic Avenue, II - Avenida da República, II

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    POETÂNEA 5, Edition by the Authors, 2006 September
    Avenida da República, II The noises repeat themselves in the avenue and also the light as yesterday the traffic's death rattle in the lane the steps' drag on the sidewalk the talks' murmur at the outdoor coffee shop the exposed navels over slipped trousers of fat girls the works on the underground the blind persons with offensive moneyboxes the empty offices before the lunch…

  • Sea - Mar

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    VIOLA DELTA, Volume XL, Mic Editors & Authors, June, 2005
    SEA I feel the sea weight in every hidden crying algae roll round legs of all paths my eyes blink iodine's rumours promise of beach so that all sea can be seen in the distance weightless on its bed. (to read the original Portuguese version please click on the figure) (text illustrated by Fernando Grade)…

  • Existence - Existência

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    Friends (illustration)
    Existence is this living while everything fades away joy pain unexpected air or poison we breathe. Friends artificially laugh and stray from crying with us. Existence is this living all moments whatever they are they are ours egoistically ours either the friends turn up o…

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