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  • Praia Marinha, beach and marine caves - Praia Marinha, praia e grutas

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    Algarve, Praia Marinha (1)
    The Michelin Guide classifies this beach as one of the 100 most beautiful in the whole world. The small sandy area close to Lagoa is still free from the crowd's invasion due to the fact it's sheltered by an high cliff. The pedestrian access is not easy (mostly in the way-back) but florid. The sea waters are transparent. From here you can start a marvellous sea-watch focused on the marine caves at both sides of the beach. Algarve shore is plenty of marine caves. However, Praia Marinh…

  • Fernando Grade (a multi-talented artist) - (um artista multi-talentoso)

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    Perverse Collages / Paper Sculptures (painting series)
    Fernando Grade , Portuguese citizen, writer and poet, plastic artist, critic of art. He uses two heteronyms to divulge his literary work: Abel Sabaoth (born in Porto, 1936, teacher of Latin) and Aal Aarão (born in Lisboa, 1950, economist). Together with other poets of his generation he established the "Portuguese Disintegration Movement" which manifesto was published in 1965. Probably he is its most productive and legitimate representative. He still founded and co-ordinates the oldest poetry n…

  • Lisboa, Av. da Liberdade (painting) - (pintura)

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    Lisboa, Av. da Liberdade (painting)
    "Lisboa, Av. da Liberdade", by Carlos Alexandre (represented at the Art Gallery / Espaço AmArte), oil on canvas The drawing comes up easily. Very urban! And also from waters, fogs, travels, musics, dreams, events passing by the city. What is fascinating in the Carlos Alexandre painting is the movement, the indefinite shape's outline looking for its own perspective and place in the suddenly captured image. It is not easy to paint like that, underneath a sky of blue rectangles, running over b…

  • Carlos Alexandre (painter) - (pintor)

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    New York, Manhattan (painting)
    The very urban creator' spirit of Carlos Alexandre roams through Lisbon, Paris, Hamburg, Chicago, New York and other great cities. Soon after he internalizes the collected images in his photographic unconscious and transforms them into recent memories. Or old, I say, once the vibration of colours and movement is untimely, sometimes more definite and understandable than others but always the same acute and poetic look catching the intense instant which escapes through the circu…

  • José Neto (painter & sculptor) - (pintor e escultor) - Part I

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    City Planet (sculpture & painting)
    Life is made of living...Dream is made of dreaming. The painting and sculpture of José Neto is made of life and dream. Frequent endogenous dreams from his metaphysical mind, expressed by colours, forms and techniques that life has generously taught him. Neither all his mysteries will be unveiled, nor his original style easily referenced but, for sure, the painting and sculpture of José Neto fascinates us and challenges our capacity to dream together with him. A vida faz-s…

  • José Neto (artist & philosopher) - (artista e filósofo) - Part II

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    Artist's Life (3D painting)
    José Neto , artist and philosopher. His work is based on deep thinking and a very reasonable experience of life, both allowing him to express without any limitations and to renounce to the will to be understood. As he say, " I know this attitude of mine is not current among artists, who generally delegate on critics or historians of art the justification of what they do". Despite of his indifference by critics, I can't lose the opportunity to record my appreciation on an artist that elects the…

  • Drift - À deriva

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    Praia de Mira, beach
    The sea is an ocean's arm and the ocean an earth's body spacecraft without astrolabe or sextant nor science of sails winds and currents drifted in the infinity's tides looking for what seaport or yacht club for an intermediate stop in the space where everything happens as if was nothing? O mar é braço de oceano e o oceano corpo da terra nave sem astrolábio nem se…

  • Antonieta Roque Gameiro (sculptor) - (escultora)

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    Lying Beneath the Sun (sculpture)
    Antonieta Roque Gameiro, specialized sculptor of the woman body knows the feminine sensibility through her mouldering hands and settles their individual and social attitudes before the existence through the terra-cotta burning up or the everlasting hardness of bronze. Concretely we are seriously settled down on the women's kingdom, very often girls, alone, plunged into the intimacy of their nature and beauty, smiling, meditating or waiting for a sudden and surprising love. The poses,…

  • My friends - Meus amigos

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    Sevilla, bridge over river Guadalquivir
    My friends not all motionless is silence nor the night solitude while we watch the shooting stars and hear the most crystalline waters. Meus amigos nem toda a quietude é silêncio nem a noite solidão enquanto vemos estrelas cadentes e ouvimos as mais cristalinas águas. by Armando TABORDA, 2015 (1st edit…

  • Guardian Angel - Anjo da Guarda

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    L'Ange Dubitatif à Lisbonne (4)
    My guardian angel turns over my tingling ears he wants to warn on the traps that wait and lose me or just tell that I exist in my diaphanous uselessness each time more ephemeral looking after the transfer from the nothing I am to the all I will be. Meu anjo da guarda volteja por sobre minhas orelhas febris quer alertar-me das ciladas que me esperam e perdem ou simp…

  • Pedro Charters d'Azevedo (painter) - (pintor)

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    The Mind Birth (painting)
    Pedro Charters d'Azevedo was born in Lisbon, in 1946. He is an Artist with major A despite his late career (he started drawing and painting regularly when he was around half a century of life), but taken seriously all along intense working journeys (he used to say that " he leaves the inspiration out of his studio's door"). So to speak we are in the presence of a professional artist exigent with himself, who investigates and experiments techniques, cultivates, develops and re…

  • Text fascination - O fascínio do texto

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    Walking on Words
    We are fascinated by the text cause it uses and abuses of lying words over which we walk in our insomnia's track. The word is an artifice and the text a light beam that sometimes burn and engrave the brief moment by fire while we feel the things absence the insomnia ever the fear of seeing ourselves cutting off roots . O texto fascina-nos porque usa e abusa das palavras…

  • Lost in darkness - Perdidos na sombra

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    God's Eye
    From the brief light evanescent of the star's movement I apprehend the beauty of escaping forms that will be lost in darkness and sleep. /// Pela luz breve fugaz do movimento dos astros apreendo a beleza das formas fugitivas que se perdem na sombra e no sono. by Armando TABORDA, in "PALAVRAS, MÚSICAS E BLASFÉMIAS QUE ENVELHEÇO NA CIDADE", Ulmeiro Editores, 1996 (photograph by the Space…

  • My city - Minha cidade

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    Nausea (illustration)
    This is my city necessity of a stand an open window for the night the sea' smell turns back by the river among the sewer's nausea. (to read the Portuguese version please click on the picture) by Armando TABORDA, in "SINFONIA EM DOR MENOR" (illustrated by Carlos ALEXANDRE), Edição Escola de Mar, 2007 (post 1st ed…

  • Spontaneous semen - Sémen espontâneo

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    There Is No Clever Reason to Hide My Heart
    In the long night veins nerves muscles scars and other tissues throb on me spontaneous semen as a water thread drop by drop oozed on my stone's abdomen. Petrified in granite I shine from quartz crystals will-o'-the-wisp over the sleeping grave where I bury myself. Appropriately I get older through this mineral mutation towards the ether where I float serene in a spacecraft of smiling light as the sl…

  • Moonlight Face - Rosto de Luar

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    Loving Smile - 1
    Your moonlight's face keeps silent loving love cause trifle ecstasy's instant like it were the only reason for living. /// Teu rosto de luar que silencia amor amando móbil tudo-nada instante breve que extasia como se fosse a única razão da vida. by Armando TABORDA , in "PALAVRAS, MÚSICAS E BLASFÉMIAS QUE ENVELHEÇO NA CIDADE", Ulmeiro Editores, 1996 (arti…

  • For Lionel Deyna - Para Lionel Deyna

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    Lionel Deyna et Moi
    For Lionel Deyna Cartesian birds plane fat ideas from highs which control tiny dreams fears and utopias as soul's projects. Mammal birds attack in circle at twilight afterwards they dream night hanging in caves where sunlight doesn't come in. Unforeseen and poetic low-flying voices run away from the hunt's…

  • Dawn - Madrugada

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    The dawn throbs into my veins sclerosis of dreams sex still at the pace of an engine close to the limits to drive me away without grief from the night that dies in the foreseen chance of a day followed by another. A madrugada lateja-me nas veias esclerose de sonhos sexo ainda ao ritmo de motor perto dos limites para que me afaste sem mágoa da noite…

  • Eva Penalva (painter) - (pintora)

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    The Colour of Silence (painting)
    Eva Penalva, born in Lisboa, artist not in exclusivity. Normally, an artist born in Portugal to survive under dignified conditions either belongs to a rich family or exercises any remunerated profession. In this case the artist worked at the Portuguese Broadcasting. I refer the professional activity due to a strong influence it impressed on her artistic expression.  The music, the nature essentially liquid of life, the dream while rhythm of ideas as dancing bodies, the colours of soft ton…

  • Endless traveling - Viagem infinita

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    The Son of God (painting)
    by João Silva (represented at Art Gallery / Espaço AmArte), oil on canvas Time of evolution is not yet coming Man continues to exhaust the cosmos till Himself becomes a dead spaceship endlessly traveling towards God. /// Não é chegado o tempo da evolução o Homem fica a exaurir o cosmos até que se transforme em aeronave morta em viagem infinita para Deus. by Armando TABORDA, in "Palavras, Músicas e Blasfémias que Envelheço…

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