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  • Don't stumble on the pine tree down there


    There wasn't much to say about places and names we invented Wintering made minerals fell asleep and a millennial cough released silence Memories faded away in their ways There was a puddle in each street in each recess There wasn't much to say about place…

  • In the near future paper will die in the trees


    Because I exist it's hard to me to accept death let the soul leave me and levitate around till my body becomes a deformed image sufficiently abstract so that I couldn't recognize me lying in the coffin crossed hands in the waiting list for the crematorium…

  • Indiscreet

    HFF to all my friends and foes


    by Fernanda SILVA, oil on MDF, 83 x 86 (in Arca Gallery Exhibition, at The One Palácio da Anunciada Hotel, Lisbon, untill 27.01.2020)

  • Lisbon Civil Court

    So much light and so much room for so slow Portuguese Justice

  • Herewith one can well see the frog



    At night the road leads me into me fast on the verges shadows are specters that hide by daytime and along the journey chase me and settle in my throat hard to swallow until the day is born /// VIAGEM À noite a estrada leva-me para dentro de mim rápidas…

  • A moon like this, by nightfall, pushes us again

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  • CRIB

    an empty manger a drunk angel wearing a t-shirt stamped with the sentence "Gloria in excelsis Deo" a shrunken star and your absence /// PRESÉPIO uma manjedoura vazia um anjo bêbado vestindo uma t-shirt estampada com a frase "Gloria in excelsis Deo" uma…

  • City Museum

    backyard with access to the garden (press z to see in the lightbox)

  • ART

    my love for you it's a strength it's in my life therefore for bad or good goes strong keeps alive /// ARTE meu amor por você é uma força está em minha vida assim para mal ou bem segue forte se mantém viva by Marco VALENÇA, in his FB page 08.12.2019…

  • Indifferent to Christmas, Benfica retirees prefer to play cards


    by Jorge BARRADAS (1894-1971), 1959, Polychrome faience (Ceramic Factory Viúva Lamego), at the City Museum

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