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    A bowl of soup a humble bowl of soup I am moved to see it in a festive day and I enter in the soup and I am eaten by myself with tears in the eyes /// UM PRATO DE SOPA Um prato de sopa um humilde prato de sopa comovo-me ao vê-lo no dia de festa e entro…

  • I'm getting older in the city (2)

    I did not make everything I wanted to do I begin to forget what I have made and I don't know what remains to be done? /// Não fiz tudo o que queria fazer começo a esquecer o que fiz e não sei o que falta fazer? by Armando Taborda, 2008 (1st edition,…

  • "VAREKAI", Cirque du Soleil (intermission)

    at MEO Pavillion, Lisbon

  • Grey dream 47840

  • A good example of a poor urban planning


    And in that year my body was a pillar of smoke and even his hands could not hold me. And in that year my mind was an empty table and he laid his thoughts down the dishes of plenty. And in that year my heart was the old monument, the folly, and no use co…

  • Well behaved weeds


    my wife, Maria da Nazaré photography by Gonçalo Barriga; edited by Armando Taborda ........................................ ........................................ ............................. The sun is hiding in your face at your eyes I find the sta…

  • Is anybody there?

  • "All cats are grey in the dark"


    Pour mon Ami, Armando Taborda Que reste t'il de ton enfance? Tout. Ce soir, toutes les étoilles de l'été ne font qu'une seule lumière. Pourtant, ton siècle avance avec ses nuages. Souvent, tu devines les étoiles derrière le rideau des années grises. Tu l…

  • On board

  • Winter Sun

  • POEM (UN)DONE IN DUST - to Armando Taborda

    i forgot / everything / i learned // from what i forgot / "i only know / that i know nothing" ... i lost everything: // what i got / discovered / or found // and what i asked for // or gave to // - nothing was mine ... how much i earned // (it was me…

  • Mário Soares (1924-2017) 46864 (photograph taken from Internet)

  • Lock

    In the afternoon lock waters come up leading towards night's mystery. In the morning lock waters come down re-leading to the starting point. /// Dans l´écluse de l'après-midi montent les eaux qui conduisent au mystère de la nuit. Dans l'écluse du mati…

  • Talking to a coffee

  • one day time is over, the bicycle warps, the estuary climbs up the mountain, and the libraries shut up, the lit side of the moon, the compasses-hands, that day, matches will be required, the salt mines, the poets' scriptures, the genealogy of roses. ///…

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