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  • "Palavras Que As Marés Apagam"

    the whole open book cover

  • New Book Release Session, 14 July 2014

    from leftto to right: Armando TABORDA, "PALAVRAS QUE AS MARÉS APAGAM", author; Maria da Nazaré ROCHA, book reviewer; Cristina BRITO, Escola de Mar Editor representative


    And in that year my body was a pillar of smoke and even his hands could not hold me. And in that year my mind was an empty table and he laid his thoughts down the dishes of plenty. And in that year my heart was the old monument, the folly, and no use co…


    Yesterday I felt your weight beside me on the mattress. Later I saw you on the stairs. Today I woke: the bed was empty, your pillow smooth. I reached out - the bed was endless, my fingers too short, my eyes not strong enough. I closed them and breathed…

  • Have a nice jogging

  • Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?

    portrait by her sister, Vanessa BELL ........................................ ............... NATIONAL PORTRAIT GALLERY VIRGINIA WOOLF Art, Life and Vision now open until 26 October 2014

  • People on Fire

    The strange these days is that everything happens without our choice We live crammed with abstract entities without shareholder control It is said that capital is the supreme good and cannot be exposed to bankruptcy - at the expense of social fragility…

  • Parallel Dreams

    edited by Cristina BRITO

  • "All Sins of the World"

    Cecília BARREIRA at the book release session 2257

  • Look at the birds I found in the nest

  • Do you have time to drink a coffee, or a glass of wine or to sunbathe?

  • Life Imprisonment

  • Em dias quentes é bom despir os corpos para que as almas se libertem

    On hot days is good undress the bodies so that souls be freed /// Lors des journées chaudes est bon déshabiller les corps pour que les âmes soient libérés Armando TABORDA, 2014

  • Threshold 0537

  • High Jump

    Lisboa, Estádio Universitário

  • Talking Head(s)

  • "The Forest at Pontaubert"

    by Georges SEURAT (1881) 9397