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  • Exhibition Espíritos da Amazónia

    "Spirits of Amazon", Quinta dos Loridos wood carving, by Bia DORIA (press z to see in the lightbox)

  • Ceiling corner

    Quinta dos Loridos (press z to see in the lightbox)

  • Exhibition Espíritos da Amazónia

    "Spirits of Amazon", Quinta dos Loridos wood carving, by Bia DORIA (press z to see in the lightbox)

  • The cactus long legs

  • Grid window


    of the fly that lands and flattened dies of the ant that's crushed in her path of the beetle that turns protein in the dish of the boat that the hurricane strands on shore of the plane that the suicidal drowns in the sea of the body that seems clean and i…

  • On the wall of "A Esteva Hotel" lobby, Castro Verde

    "Ephemeral blossom of the rock-rose now her splendor is almost a fade: Light and white, the breeze takes she away and a not written stanza remains from her." (English translated by Armando TABORDA, 2018)


    The mine closed the pyrite production in 1988. After the mine closing the village went into decay, but by the 90's, the Municipality of GRÂNDOLA and the Foundation Frédéric Velge started a LOUSAL revitalization program, creating a new territorial speciali…

  • Good Appetite!

    A princely restaurant --- even without MICHELIN stars ---, located at Aldeia Mineira do LOUSAL. High standards Alentejo cuisine, in a cosy and very well restored warehouse, with a reserved corner for Cante Alentejano "Alentejo Folk Song" --- UNESCO World…

  • Cante Alentejano "Alentejo Folk Song" - UNESCO World Heritage

    Aldeia dos Fernandos Coral Group

  • The stone mermaid will fall asleep on the Alvor Beach parapet


    Rain tiptoeing on the roof of your van then quickening, the way you say I enter a room: deer-like, tentative then definite. I can't stand outside my body, see myself a shadow animal against the wall but I take your word for it, lie still on your chest…

  • Museu da Batata Doce

    "Sweet Patato Museum", Algarve, Rogil - if you go through there, even if you don't take a meal you can look around and see the natural products they sell in the shop, and taste the sweet patato regional confectionery

  • Algarve by night

  • Car Wash

  • Too late to drink a coffee

    Algarve, Alvor


    And she laid the table and she asked everyone to sit around and she prayed with her eyes shut and she thought we prayed with her and he looked at her and then looked at me looking at him and warm blood overspilled the shopping board and the knife went in…

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