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  • It's time to enjoy the weekend in other ways

  • Oceanarium Vasco da Gama

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  • Might be today the first day of your Autumn?

  • Contigo lavo as minhas mãos. A floresta e as árvores dentro dela que se esganem. Nas tuas mãos lavarei as minhas; lavo sempre contigo os lugares vazios que foram ocupados por sombras. Onde cedo? A que árvores deitarei fogo mais cedo? Que aves magras guard…

  • There are cages travelling freedom

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  • Rainbow 32414 (photo taken from Internet; edited by Armando TABORDA)

  • A ship inside the city

  • Falling Light

    Firework at the Belém Tower head-balloons lift into the air fast light suddenly falling the pyrotechnic night of Lisboners fades away. /// Feu d'artifice à la Tour de Belém têtes-ballons s'élèvent dans l'air rapide lumière subitement tombant la py…

  • There are buganvilias that get old together with houses to which they provide shadows


    Wrong night, wrong city, wrong movie, wrong ambulances caterwauling past and drowning out wrong dialogue of wrong Norma Desmond, what could be more wrong she's the same age as me this tilted wreck with deliquescent chin, I turn it off, eat soup and read a…

  • The garden garbage box

    Jardim das Marias, Benfica, Lisboa

  • Threshold (16)

    At the threshold of light and silence my voice seated on a park bench waits for a body to put her vibrating a melody a monologue a lament strident nightfall over the streets of the city. /// No limiar da luz e do silêncio minha voz sentada no banco do j…

  • WAIT 31376 (photo taken from Internet)

  • Right now I'm sitting in my shed

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  • Now, inside this church, instead of praying we can buy books

    (see also the photo at 26113)


    I didn't mean to sit in a bar With someone I barely knew, Running my finger through water Marks like some sage historian With a brandy problem - an archaeologist I met once...Well, that's beside The point, his theory died with him, The waitress who lived…

  • The Escola de Mar logo freshly painted

  • Who's in trouble?

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