Armando Taborda's videos

  • TOMI - Christmas 2018

    Grandmother Maria da Nazaré with grandchildren Rafaela + Francisco

  • KLASSIK Dance School, Flashmob Christmas 2018

  • Cante Alentejano "Alentejo Folk Song" - UNESCO World Heritage

    Aldeia dos Fernandos Coral Group

  • Algarve by night

  • TOMI, a tribal dance after dinner

    I, my wife and my granddaughter

  • If you are a Millennial you can't lose this masterpiece


    "Green Corn", Portuguese traditional song at the "JANEIRAS" Session (*) dedicated to Maria da Nazaré, my wife (with a blue protective mask) (*) Singing the "JANEIRAS" is a Portuguese tradition that consists of singing songs on the streets by people annou…

  • Rafaela's grandparents

    went to the Valsassina School to participate in an musical initiation class

  • Nothing better than to close the Christmas Season 2016 with the final performance of the UNISBEN (Intergerational University of Benfica) Christmas Party

  • The Choir of the Intergerational University of Benfica (UNISBEN)

    wished Merry Christmas to us

  • I quote Fernando Pessoa

    English translation: I love everything was gone everything that isn't anymore the pain that doesn't hurt me the old and erroneous faith the yesterday that left pain what left joy because it was gone and flown and today is another day. by Fernando PESSOA…

  • Francisco's cry dominated his class at the kindergarten closing party

  • Arraial de São João, Externato Luso-Britânico

  • O Berço do Espaço

    THE SPACE'S CRADLE I wait the mildness of a quite night for my pain fall asleep in the space's cradle I may yawn before an opera of stars the music is always the same celestial chorus dumb virtual the immense space fits light-years of distance and my pai…

  • The Shooting Leaf

  • Almost Christmas

    the first flashmob of Rafaela at Av da Igreja, Alvalade, Lisboa, together with the CAA (Athletic Club of Alvalade) and her class of dance

  • Gym Evening Party

    the Alvalade Atlético Clube Class, 2013

  • Skipping Kids

    try to find out Rafaela just in the middle of the group at the 2011 school year closing party

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