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  • Olive tree - II

  • At last the bidet is useful for something

  • Olive tree - I

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  • Dam

    The water while running is never the same but the following water seems like the other. /// L'eau jamais se répète pendant qui coule mais l'eau qui la poursuivre semble égal à l'autre. /// A água não se repete enquanto corre mas a água que a p…

  • The prune


    who get creative power writes original things like me, or not, because words already existed at the beginning of Manhood and maybe they can explain emotions, moments, situations and other obscure acts of life, or not, because facts happened prior in advan…

  • Green

    HFF to all my friends and foes

  • Who get the other shoe?

  • It's better to stay under shadows than in the sunny beach


    My mother grew morning glories that spilled onto the walkway towards her porch Because she was a woman with land who showed as much by giving it color. She told me I could have whatever I worked for. That means she was an American. But she'd say it becaus…

  • Blue at any place

  • Rural Aesthetics


  • Automated watering

  • The Desire of Losing Everything

    Even if from everything and nothing nothing perpetuates the split of everything into nothing it is required to enjoy all in the desire to lose everything. /// Même qui de tout ou rien rien perpétue la scission de beaucoup de choses en aucune il est néc…

  • A "Manuelino's Gothic" window lost in Aljubarrota

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  • After all the red moon is the streetlight


    Why don't you try just being quiet? If you can find some silence, maybe you can listen to it. How it works is interesting. I really can't explain it, but you know it when it's happening. You realize you're marveling at apple blossoms and how they're clust…

  • My wife's jars with flowers from our garden

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