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Hot and humid - 15 hours ago

The temps today have been similar to yesterday but the humidity is much higher making it feel sticky The cats have had trouble keeping cool and I have divided my time between indoors and out. The hight humidity could be caused by a weather front closing in. tomorrow,s forecast from 13:00h to 23;00h is as follows thunderstorms with lightning and hail plus rain storms hammering down between 2 or 3 inches in an hour. Oh Goody the fine weather didn't last long,I best get my shopping done early,…

Walney Channel, album created on May 18, 2017

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fields and flowers, album created on May 17, 2017

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Walney park and trees.. 14th May 2017, album created on May 15, 2017

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Updated on: May 21, 2017.


I found this on flickr this morning,somebody had taken a peep at it so I thought I would post it as an example of our summers since then you can see it better full screen - See all videos

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thanks micky ..that was very lovely my old friend:)
13 days ago.
My best wishes from East Germany near Dresden
3 weeks ago.
Thanks very much Mickey
7 weeks ago.
My latest & hopefully not my last Blog on this site.

Have a nice weekend Mickey,

8 weeks ago.
Mrs Red asks How are things on Ipernity - Red Tree Squirrel (Sc vulgaris)

She asked about her future on Ipernity.

Have a nice evening.
8 weeks ago.

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