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At last the sun returns - 43 hours ago

After the gloros day of vsunshine in late June my weather has mirrored Fran's and I have been mostly cabined up. Last night as I took a final looke outside when locking up (at around11pm I guess) I spotted a break in the clouds to the north.It almost looked like daylightl It was a good omen with no rain and this late afternoon the sun finally won the long battle and now we have blue skies Here is the photo

  • Gales and rain since the lovely day

    - July  2, 2020
    We are going through yet another spell of lousy weather. It reached it's peak two days ago with 70mph and winds and more rain than we needed. Just up the coast there was a 24 hour spell in which 8inch of rain ha,mered down and we must have been very near that

  • A scorcher here

    - June 25, 2020
    Today had been uncomfortably hot and humid with temps reaching 32c with no breeze, Indoors it reached 27.5 c with every door and window open. Approaching 8 pm here and inside it's still 26c

A lovely morning walk, album created on May 15, 2020

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early morning on the beach, album created on May  9, 2020

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morning walk and garden, album created on May  3, 2020

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I found this on flickr this morning,somebody had taken a peep at it so I thought I would post it as an example of our summers since then you can see it better full screen - See all videos

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Gracie club
Happiest of birthdays Mick! Hope you enjoy the day with your knees out and a cold one in hand! Mwuah!
3 weeks ago.
 Bee Orchid
Bee Orchid club
HAPPY BIRTHDAY MICKEY! Hope you have a good day.
3 weeks ago.
 Aus Blue
Aus Blue

have a happy birthday Michael
3 weeks ago.
 Aus Blue
Aus Blue

happy new year Mickey
6 months ago. Edited 6 months ago.
 Aus Blue
Aus Blue
thanks Michael:)
6 months ago.

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