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Updated on: July 20, 2013.

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Raiding Party - 7 days ago

Friday, we went on yet another raid to the Midlands. This time for a job interview, on campus, for the Deckhand. The day started dry and clear, and we set off around 08.30. We had a good journey up, leisurely with no incidents, and arrived in good time to sit and chat before his interview. At the required time, the Deckhand left me to my own devices. He was going to be about 3 hours or so; they had planned group activities to see how they work in a team, then individual interviews. After gett…

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BBack home thank but not very welkl. I need help to get out o bed in the morning.
8 days ago.
Latest News says you can blog on regarless.

Read my updated Article linked above, the last section was added this morning.

Have a nice day. John.
7 weeks ago.
Thank you!
7 weeks ago.
Thank goodness for the weekend yes? Hope you're feeling better. And the sun comes out!!
3 months ago.

Happy New Year to you and your son.
4 months ago.

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