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Updated on: July 20, 2013.

Bailey, album created on July 20, 2013

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Shiver me Timbers - 4 days ago

The weather here has certainly taken a turn and it’s feeling very cold some days, despite some welcome sunshine other days. We have drizzle too, soaking the sails, though the good thing about drizzle is that at least those days are a tad warmer. I already have the obligatory chilblains, though only 2 so far on the same foot. Between lower back pain and chilblains, I hobble some days lol. Things could be worse… There’s just over 4 weeks until the Deckhand is back on board, and I confess I’m st…

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Happy Birthday Fran! I Hope it was great!
5 weeks ago.
Hi Fran,

I have looked in the News and can see that they are there, I just missed them because I have not been looking much recently.

Most of our friends don't seem to look either as many of mine go unread lately.

4 months ago.
BBack home thank but not very welkl. I need help to get out o bed in the morning.
6 months ago.
Latest News says you can blog on regarless.

Read my updated Article linked above, the last section was added this morning.

Have a nice day. John.
7 months ago.
Thank you!
7 months ago.

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