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Updated on: July  3, 2020.
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Going Deeper - 7 months ago

How to communicate your work.

  • The Importance of Writing, and Reading

    - October 14, 2019
    Talking at the Park
    I make a case for writing my thoughts on ipernity, and bringing my readers here to then share it.

  • Shadow Light and Lines

    - October  6, 2019
    Shadows, Light, and Lines
    Shadows, light & lines captures the eye from this weathered wall. Believe it or not, this photo was made with the iPad Mini camera. Something that I always love to see is elements that create strong composition in the square format. The morning sunlight through the trees casts a shadow onto the wall of this vintage garage in my neighborhood. The vertical lines provided by the plants create an added touch of the grid pattern needed to complete this moment in time. I chose black and white bec…

Art Photographs, album created on July 31, 2019

Art Photographs - those images which are technically excellent virtually straight from the camera with minimal post processing. I make Images of moments in time, and human interaction, that share hope and God's love in world. Also, City of Chicago Vibe, and Trees and Shadows, and more. Visit my profile page to learn how to shop for prints and more:

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 Frank J Casella
Frank J Casella
Yes, I'm backing off for a bit, Katja. Thank you for your note and kind words. Means a lot.
3 months ago.
Katja club
I don't see much of you anymore.
Whatever happens, stay healthy.
3 months ago.
Katja club
Frank, see you in the '20s .... I wish you good luck and above all health.
6 months ago.
HappySnapper club
Excellent photostream, I can appreciate the quality of your work but I would not be qualified to pass comment.
15 months ago.
 Mickey fez
Mickey fez club
Thanks Frank I will return and check your blogs and stunning looking photos
15 months ago.

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